Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Course Description

Email Marketing is the easiest and affordable marketing technique to promote your product or service at a very affordable price. You can send bulk email just in a single click utilizing various free software like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. Educational Excellence is an advanced Email Marketing training institute in Durgapur where we provide certified email marketing course to our students.

Module 1:

  • Overview of Email Marketing
  • Learn the benefits of email marketing
  • How to use email in your marketing strategy

Class: 1 (2 Hrs.)

Module 2:

  • Understand the proper format of your emails
  • Branding your emails to enhance your campaign
  • How to handle unsubscribes

Class: 1 (2 Hrs.)

Module 3:

  • How to collect Database for email marketing
  • Understanding the different types of email lists
  • Scrubbing your lists
  • Write an engaging call to action
  • Finding help with content creation
  • Giving your email content inherent value
  • Understanding email headers
  • Filling out the from line
  • Using your email address for identity
  • Write an attractive subject line for a better CTRs
  • How to deal with spam content

Class: 1 (2 Hrs.)

Module 4:

  • Learn how to track & measure your campaign
  • Calculating your ROI
  • Google Analytics integration with campaign

Class: 1 (2 Hrs.)

TOTAL COURSE DURATION: 4 Class/8 Hrs. (2 Weeks)

Total FEES: INR 2000/-

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