In the last 5 years, the SEO industry has changed a lot. It has been shifted from quantity to quality. And After the March core update from Google in 2024 the whole mechanism has been changed. Almost every website’s organic traffic has dropped significantly across the globe. According to Google the content that doesn’t fulfill user perspective will not rank anymore either has been written by AI or Humans. We all know that SEO content plays a significant role. After the core update is released you can’t compromise with content. 

In the early days, we only focused on keywords and several backlinks to rank in Search engines. But now you have to focus more on solving user queries rather than keyword stuffing and create only authoritative backlinks from relevant websites that are similar to your niche.

Many people asked if SEO was Dead after the March Core Update, 2014.

The simple answer is “NO”. SEO is still in the game and one of the major parts to bring traffic organically.

Being an SEO Trainer I would recommend the following things to cope with the March Core Update:

A. Write content for users not for search engines. You can either take help from AI tools or a content writer but make sure it doesn’t take control of the content. This means you just take an idea and write it in your way.

B. try to put some case study information, and data information that makes sense to your topic and also can put some info graphics into your content.

C. Make quality backlinks only if it is relevant to your niche and have high authority. Example: If your website is related to travel don’t forget to build a link with the website TripAdvisor or Trivago.

D. If required you can purchase relevant backlinks for your website from genuine sources.

E. Don’t forget to publish your content on websites like Medium, and LinkedIn.

Educational Excellence is one the top-notch ISO 9001:2015 certified SEO institutes in Durgapur having 400+ students. If you want to make your career in SEO may take admission to our upcoming batch. Below are our course modules:

Module 1: SEO Overview

Knowledge of Search Engines
SEO Algorithm
Keywords Research
Basic Understanding of SEO Tools
Class: 3 (6 hrs.)

Module 2: Onpage Optimization

• Meta Tags Optimization

• H1, H2 Tag Optimization

• Image Optimization

• URL Optimization

• Canonical Tag

• Structured Data Implementation

• Alt Tag Optimization

• Robots.txt file creation

• Sitemap Creation

• *Google Webmaster Set-Up( At the Time of Blog Creation)

Class: 5 (10 Hrs.)

Module 3: Offpage Optimization

• Blog Creation

• Local Listing Submission

• Social Bookmarking

• Search Engine Submission

• Classifieds Listing

• Business Directory Submission

• Article Submission

• Blog Commenting

• Blog Posting

• Image Submission

• PPT Submission

• Quora Commenting

• GA4 Reporting

Class: 10 (20 Hrs.)

TOTAL COURSE DURATION: 18 Class/36 Hrs. (2 Months)

Total FEES: INR 6500/-

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