Can You Launch a Data Analytics Career Without Experience?

While data analysts develop marketing strategies based on trends, entry-level positions often require minimum bachelor’s degree. Completing a data analytics course can equip you with the necessary skills to land a job in this growing field.  If you are looking information regarding Tableau course Durgapur then read the content till end.
Essential Data Analyst Skills:

  • SQL: Database querying language
  • Tableau or Power BI (or Advanced Excel): Data visualization tools
  • Python Basics: A programming language for data analysis
  • Statistics & Probability: Foundational mathematical concepts

Choosing a Data Analytics Certification Course:

Many online and offline courses offer data analytics certifications. Ensure the program provides hands-on experience through live projects.

Tableau vs. Power BI

  • Ease of Use: Tableau boasts a more user-friendly interface.
  • Industry Adoption: Tableau is favored by companies like Google and Apple for data visualization.
  • Functionality: While Power BI offers more functions, Tableau’s 180+ functions are often sufficient.
  • Cost: Tableau has a slightly higher price tag.
  • Compatibility: Both Tableau and Power BI work on Windows and Mac.
  • Data Handling: Tableau excels in handling large datasets.
  • Performance: Tableau generally outperforms Power BI in data processing speed.

Table of Content

Month Module Description
1 Introduction to Tableau and Data Visualization – Tableau Interface and Terminology
– Different Types of Visualizations
– Importance of Data Visualization and Effective Communication
Connecting to Data Sources and Importing Data – Connecting to Excel, CSV, SQL Databases
– Importing Data and Data Preparation
Creating Basic Charts and Visualizations – Bar Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Histograms
– Customizing Visualizations
Understanding Data Types and Dimensions – Discrete vs. Continuous Data
– Dimensions and Measures for Effective Visualizations
Using Filters and Parameters – Controlling Data Display and Drilling Down
Formatting Charts and Visualizations – Colors, Fonts, Labels for Improved Clarity
Sharing Your Work with Others – Publishing to Tableau Server/Online
– Exporting Visualizations to Other Formats
2 Creating More Advanced Charts and Visualizations – Scatter Plots, Heatmaps, Gantt Charts
– Using Multiple Dimensions and Measures
Using Calculations and User-Defined Fields – Creating New Variables and Data Transformation
– Performing Complex Analyses and Building Insights
Building Dashboards and Stories – Interactive Layouts with Multiple Visualizations
– Data Presentation in a Narrative Format with Text and Images
Troubleshooting Common Problems – Fixing Data Errors and Formatting Issues
Best Practices for Data Visualization – Choosing the Right Chart Type
– Clear Labels and Avoiding Visual Clutter

Course Duration: 2 Months (16 Classes)
Fees: INR 4500/-

Learn Tableau Course Durgapur

Several institutes in Durgapur offer professional Tableau courses with projects. Educational Excellence, a highly-rated institute with a strong track record, even provides a free workshop. Explore their offerings if you’re interested in learning Tableau.

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