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I am running a Digital Marketing Institute in Durgapur since 2018 where we do provide a complete Digital Marketing Course with placement. I have noticed lots of students are mainly concern about their jobs after completing colleges or universities.

Durgapur is a rapidly growing city in West Bengal, India. With its expanding industries and growing economy, the city is also becoming a hub for digital marketing professionals. In Durgapur there are many general and engineering colleges from where thousands of students are passing out. Those who are not getting any placement from colleges mainly search for Jobs in Durgapur. I recommend all of those to learn Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the use of online channels to promote products and services. It includes various activities as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

There are many different types of digital marketing jobs available in Durgapur. Some of the most common jobs include:

  • Digital Marketing Manager: Responsible for overall digital marketing strategy for a company.
  • SEO Specialist: Optimizes websites and content for search engines.
  • PPC Specialist: Creates and manages pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Social Media Manager: Manages a company’s social media presence.
  • Content Writer: Creates and manage content for a company’s website and social media channels.

In Durgapur, there are 6-8 reputed IT companies where you may find Digital Marketing Job openings.   The salary for digital marketing jobs in Durgapur varies depending on the position, experience, and skills. However, the average salary for a digital marketing manager is around INR 3.5 lakhs per year. Anyone can easily earn INR 12k- 20k by doing Digital Marketing Job in Durgapur. Below I mentioned some companies:

  1. Swadesh Softwares Pvt Ltd
  2. IGMI Lead Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  3. Technext Technosoft Pvt LTD
  4. I Global Impact ITes PVT LTD
  6. Jet Web Solutions
  7. Webskitters

If you are looking for any consultancy from reputed job consultancy in Durgapur then you can contact Job Resource Point In Durgapur, there are few Digital marketing job opening in of the growing Digital Marketing Company named yantracart.

Edu Hub, An Educational Institute in Durgapur requires a Digital Marketing Executive who has a minimum of 2 Years Experience and is well versed in content writing. So if you are from Durgapur and worried about your job then without wasting time start learning Digital Marketing. For more information about our courses contact Educational Excellence.

If you are interested in a career in digital marketing, Durgapur is a great place to start. There are many job opportunities available, and the salaries are competitive.

Here are some tips for getting a digital marketing job in Durgapur:

  • Develop strong communication and writing skills. Digital marketers need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. They need to write clear and concise content that engages and persuades readers.
  • Gain experience in social media marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising. These are the three pillars of digital marketing, so it’s important to have experience in all of them. You can gain experience by working as an intern, volunteering, or taking online courses.
  • Build a portfolio of your work. It’s a great way to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. Your portfolio should include examples of your best work, such as website designs, social media campaigns, and SEO reports.
  • Network with people in the industry. Attend industry events, join online forums, and connect with other digital marketers on LinkedIn. This will help you build relationships and learn about job opportunities.
  • Attend industry events. This is a great way to learn about new trends in digital marketing and meet potential employers.

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