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How to Promote Brand through Digital Marketing during LockDdown 4.0

India enters into the lock-down 4.0 phase, most of the school, colleges are closed now. Even many Private companies are opening with a limited workforce. Most of us doing WFH (Work From Home) during this pandemic situation.  Educational Excellence is always there to help by providing a proper digital marketing knowledge through our blog. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


In the last few years, Digital Marketing gains a significant rise among youths. For business owners, Digital Marketing becomes an essential aspect to sell products or services. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, small and mid-range business owners are trying to reach the online platform for advertisement and want to connect with the new clients. It’s the best time for them to adopt Digital Marketing and in the best possible way.

Various Modules of Digital Marketing You can Adopt:



SEO is the best and cheapest way to engage with your audience. For that, you need a website and set of best possible keywords that bring organic traffic. Your objective is to bring your website in the 1st position so that users click on it and get the information they are looking for.  

SMO: Social Media Optimisation is also a cost-effective and simple way to engage with your audience. But the difference i that you need to join groups and share your products, services information in popular social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, TikTokTwitterPinterest so on.


Content Marketing:

Content is key nowadays to engage with the audience. The best example of Content Marketing is Blogging. Business owners need to upload relevant articles and blog content with specific keywords topic so that it grabs user attention towards their website. 


Paid campaign-

If you want to connect instantly with your audience then

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is best for you. It is a little costly but starts

to work quickly. Advertisers use various popular platforms like Facebook,

Google to run ad campaigns for customer engagement.

In this lockdown, you can run a campaign to reach

potential customers.


See, there are many advantages of using digital marketing to promote your business online. The government also encourages us to use the digital platform as much as you can especially in this pandemic situation putting your brand in the online platform will be a great move for your business.

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Digital Advertising Agencies – The Ultimate Solution for Virtual Marketing Around The Vicinity of Durgapur

Entrepreneurs are utilizing social media marketing more than the other aspects in the field of digital marketing. New agencies have sprung up all around the world which provides digital advertising services. Similar kinds of a firm are present in the Indian context as well, and it is largely present in the important cities of different states.

Durgapur is one of the most important commercial hub in West Bengal. Being situated in an industrial belt, it is buzzing up with new entrepreneurs who are reaching out for the apex and trying to make it big in this business world. Thus, digital advertising agencies in Durgapur can provide a platform to the entrepreneurs who are in their start-up for a great launch towards success. Not only for the start-up entrepreneurs, but digital advertising agencies in Durgapur would also come out to be of great advantage for the big giants in this company rat race.

Benefits of collaborating with digital advertising agencies in Durgapur

Will give you a greater reach to the consumers over other forms of advertising agencies – In this world obsessed with social media and the virtual the digital advertising agencies would provide an edge over other forms of advertising agencies. The digital advertising agencies in Durgapur will provide you with a larger audience, that is reaching out to the greater consumers around Durgapur.

Requires fewer amounts of expense and time in comparison to other forms of advertising – The digital advertising agencies in Durgapur is quite cheap and undoubtedly takes fewer amounts for the advertisements to be published. Hence, making this form of advertisement a first-hand choice for budding entrepreneurs h
elps the start-up entrepreneurs or first-hand entrepreneurs to a great extent – As discussed earlier, the digital advertising agencies in Durgapur help in kick-starting the business of a new entrepreneur. Thus, a start-up entrepreneur who is anxious about how to make it big in the corporate world.

Opportunities for expanding the business into other cities – Digital advertising agencies in Durgapur provide great opportunities in expanding the business in other major cities, like Kolkata.

Encouraging digital advertising agencies can produce a social impact by curbing unemployment – Durgapur is an industrial town providing various job opportunities. But with the population explosion, the unemployment rate seems to grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, with the development of these digital advertising agencies in Durgapur, the amount of unemployment could be curbed down.
Hence, in a nutshell, we can say that digital advertising agencies in Durgapur are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their business.

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