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Why SMO is Important in Digital Marketing?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the important Digital Marketing strategies. SMO mainly use to generate leads and increase brand awareness using social media platforms.

Why SMO is Important in Digital Marketing?
First of all, SMO is a free way to market your brand and increase brand visibility. SMO is a good option to bring traffic completely free using Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin.

SMO is one of the best options for small to mid-size business owners to generate potential leads for their business. Identify your targeted audience who are interested to interact with your business.

Some basic tips that should be included in your SMO Strategies:

Focus on Content: Content plays a significant role in SMO. When you post content in the forms of text, image, or video format on social media platform first research the topic whether it goes with your services or products.

Build Up Connection: For a better result from SMO, you should have solid connections on social media platforms.

Be Active on Social Media: You should active on social media so that your audience can get a quick response from you. you need to join relevant groups and post interesting content regularly.

Use Hashtags Appropriately: The use of Hashtags is important but need to know how to use them. Before the use of it research on the topic and trending hashtags that have been already used in social media posts by businesses similar to yours. Plenty of tools available online by which you can analyze Hashtags. Example: Keyhole, hashtagify, etc.

Post Infographics: Infographics easily make user attention… While doing SMO you should post infographics with relevant content on Facebook, Instagram so the customer may engage with your business.

Lead Generation: To transform a lead into a customer you need constant follow-up. There are various ways to generate leads but among them, SMO is the best because it’s completely free. You don’t need to pay an amount like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Ad campaign.

Brand Awareness: Today social media is one of the greatest weapons we have to make a rock-solid online presence and increase brand awareness of any business.

Content always needs quality one that attracts your audience to share on social media platforms. SMO needs time to make good social media profiles. For that, you need to work continuously. Then only you can target the right audience through SMO. For any kind of assistance regarding SMO, you can contact Educational Excellence.

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How to Become Publisher on CJ Affiliate Platform

Affiliate marketing is one of the old but very popular ways to earn money online. CJ Affiliate is one of the best platforms since it has started operation in 1998. Research data shows that still today CJ Affiliate is the 1st choice among the world’s top 10 thousand affiliate websites. 

Popular websites like CNN, TIME, BuzzFeed rely on the CJ Affiliate platform to find high-quality brands to promote through affiliate marketing.

Why CJ Affiliate?

For its strict affiliate publisher policies, CJ Affiliate is so popular among advertisers because they know they’re working with the best publishers. Recruiting affiliates often improve the ROI of a company’s marketing goals because advertisers only pay affiliates when they sell their products.

The best feature of CJ affiliate is where advertisers can get comparisons by entering their existing traffic and sales numbers.

CJ affiliate is one of the best and reliable platforms that gives you access to the world’s most qualified affiliate programs. Other hand you can find enormous products whatever niche you belong from. The payout is good here.

Pros & Cons of CJ Affiliate Program


A.CJ Affiliate is the oldest and easy to use affiliate product for marketers.

B. Many big brands are already associated with the CJ Affiliate program.

C. The reporting section in CJ Affiliate is very user-friendly with great real-time transaction monitoring.

D. Filtering products in Affiliate programs.

E. Creating affiliate links is a hassle-free process in CJ.


A. The main disadvantage of CJ Affiliate is it offers a limited range of physical products.

B. It’s not suitable for beginners who want to start affiliate marketing. Its affiliate approval rate is very low compared to other platforms.

C. PayPal or checks is not supported at CJ affiliates.

How to become an Affiliate on Commission Junction

Step 1: Go CJ affiliate publisher page and then click on the sign-up button and fill-up the form.

Step 2: After creating the account you will redirect to the terms and conditions and policies page. Certify your age is 18 or over you will redirect to a log-in page.

Step 3: To activate your account the following information is required:

A. Your User Information

Here you need to fill user information in deatils like name, email, phone number

B. Complete Your Network Profile

Network profile plays a significant role. It determines your acceptance or rejection. Here you need to write an engaging business profile that describes your business model.

C. Add Promotional Property

Promotional property information use by the advertiser to find the potential advertiser to become a partner. The basic promotional property section are:

  1. Define your property

Property types are segmented into the following things:

a. Website

b. Social

c. Email

d. Mobile App

e. Browser Extension

f. Services Tools

g. Paid Display Ads

h. Paid Search Engine Marketing

2.Define your promotional model

promotional model describe the value you have added for your audience through the promotional platform. Here multiple promotional are available such as:

a. Content/Blog/ Media

b. Coupon/Deal

c. Product Comparison/Reviews

d. Loyalty Cashback Offer

e. Trademark Bidding

g. Influencer models

3.Your property name

4. Your Tags

D. Enter Company Details and Tax Information

In this section, you need to fill up your company’s complete mailing address along with your tax details.

Payment Option on CJ Affiliate

There are 2 payment mode available in CJ Affiliate:

A. Direct Bank Transfer

B. Via Payoneer

But very in very few countries, the direct bank transfer option is available whereas Payoneer can be used for any international payments. Paypal or any kind of credit is not accepted here.

How CJ Affiliate Work

After completing the signup process you will redirect to a publisher dashboard where you find the following sections:

Commission: The commission you have earned display here.

Sales: Total sales volume you’ve achieved.

Lead: The number of leads you’ve referred.

Clicks: It shows the number of clicks on your affiliate links

Impressions: The total number of impressions on your affiliate ads

Publisher EPC: It shows your total earnings based on 100 clicks.

Conversion: It shows the percentage of total clicks that are converted into sales.

Not only that, but the CJ publisher dashboard also shows the newest advertisers list. You can view the top advertisers and recommended advertisers based on your profile.

Available Affiliate Programs on Commission Junction:

Thousands of digital, physical product affiliate programs are listed on Commission Junction but marketers majorly prefer digital products.

3 main affiliate program types:

PPS (Pay Per Sale): Earn commission only when any sales occurred

PPL (Pay Per Lead): Earn commission only when you refer leads

PPC (Pay Per Call): Earn a commission when phone calls happen

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and get a little overview of the CJ affiliate platform. But this is not the end. I will bring another blog where we discuss how you will make money using the CJ affiliate platform. Till then stay tuned with us.

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Why MBA Students Should Learn Digital Marketing

There is a potential job scope in Digital Marketing, especially for those who are pursuing MBA/BBA in the marketing field.  

You can find a better pay scale in the Digital Marketing field in comparison to any other job role.

Till today, 90% of MBA colleges, even IIMs are still don’t have any Digital Marketing curriculum.

Sorry to say that, still in India have lack of Digital Marketing Expertise. To fill up the scarcity in the upcoming day’s lot of jobs will be created in the Digital Marketing field. There is not enough expertise in the digital marketing field to give training to MBA / BBA students. There are major gaps in how digital marketing and related technologies are introduced in marketing courses.

Reasons to learn Digital Marketing for MBA Students:

New Job Opportunities:

Now the Government focuses more on digitalization through various programs like E-Governance, Make-In-India, Digital India, etc. To be a part of such programs you need proper digital marketing learning Digital Marketing is now a choice it’s mandatory now. 

Good Pay Scale:

Digital Marketing offers a Lucrative pay scale compared to any other job profile. Especially if you have an MBA degree then the minimum annual CTC starts from INR 6-8 Lakhs. For the last 4- 5 years, there has been a significant hike in Digital Marketing Salaries. 

Potential Market: Th current market has a huge demand for skilled digital marketers. According to trade analysts, India needs more than 2 lakhs of Digital Marketer on an immediate basis. So It’s a golden opportunity for MBA (Marketing) students.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing Job:

The scope of getting a job in traditional marketing is reducing day by day. whereas if you look at popular job sites like Shine, Naukri, Timesjobs more than 90% of vacancies in marketing jobs require an MBA in Digital Marketing. So you can’t it anyway. Many big FMCG, Automobile, IT industries continue hiring sales and marketing personnel. Not only that start-up companies also looking for MBA/BBA passed out candidates. Thatswhy sales and marketing professionals are now upgrading their skills in Digital Marketing to cope up with the industry requirements.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Have a look at the topics covered in Digital Marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SMM(Social Media Marketing)

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisement

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing

Top MBA Colleges in Digital Marketing:

Centurion University of Technology (Bhubaneswar)

Indian Institute of Digital Education (Mumbai)


Graphic Era University (Dehradun)

UnitedWorld School of Business (Kolkata)

RIMT University (Punjab)

At Educational Excellence we provide a complete Digital Marketing Course for MBA / BBA students and also provide admission to top MBA Colleges in Digital Marketing.

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How Web Hosting Server Affects SEO Process

Here we will briefly describe how to choose the best SEO friendly web hosting.

Effects of Web Hosting in SEO

SEO is a process to get a better ranking of your website organically. Web Hosting is one essential factor in SEO. The below points you need to keep in mind How Web Hosting Server Affects SEO Process

Website Speed:

In SEO website speed matters a lot. On-Page SEO is responsible for that. To improve website speed the following things need to look after:

  1. A fast web hosting server
  2. An optimized website

You can make a fast website by optimizing code, images, content, etc. 

Web site availability: The important parameter is website availability especially search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing don’t prefer to redirect visitors to a non-available site. Search Engine crawler temporarily removes a website from SERP that has an availability issue. So to make ensure an Uninterrupted hosing you need a quality web server.

Security: Website security is a prime factor. Thatswhy many search engine officially supports SSL, one of the ranking parameters in SEO. Non-secure website may have a higher chance to infect by malware and sometimes may causedomain blacklisting.

In this blog, we will discuss how to select SEO-friendly web hosting for any website.

Years in Business – Any hosting company that’s in business for a decade has more experience than a new service provider. Avoid selecting a cheap hosting provider. Choose a top-rated hosting provider that has a good reputation in the market.

Reviews – People’s reviews matter a lot. Check customer feedback about the particular hosting provider like how the support, service, etc, etc.

Identify Your Needs:

First, identify what’s your need and select hosting accordingly. There are various types of hosting servers like Free, Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Managed. Each has its’s own advantages. Suppose you expect huge traffic to your website then should go for your own VPS Server. 

Choose web hosting provider which is reliable, secure, well reputed and good for SEO. There is lots of good hosting service provider such as Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator so on.

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3 Basic Criteria You Should Follow When Planning a Display Ad Campaigns

Different types of Display Advertisements are:




Banner Ads are shown at the top of the website.

Video ads are shown on YouTube and its partner sites.

Web pages” that appear before users are directed to the site they originally wanted to visit are generally Interstitial ads.

You need to set up a goal to make an effective display ad campaign. When planning your display advertising the following points need to follow as below:

Target Right Audience:

Out of different kinds of audience targeting, you can select the above-mentioned options:

  • Demographic: You can target the audience as per their age, gender, religion, economic status.
  • Keywords: Select the relevant keywords that will trigger into your website when someone clicks on it seeing the advertisement in Google and its partner sites.
  • Audience Behaviour: By selecting an in-market audience ad campaign you can target those who are actively searching for similar products or services you offer.
  • Placement: It enables you to filter the devices and location where the ad will appear.

End of the day your objective is to target the right audience who may show interest in your product or service after seeing your display advertisement.

Create an Effective Ad copy:

To make an effective ad copy you must have to look at the following criteria:

  1. Catchy Headlines and Ad description.
  2. Relevant landing page.
  3. Call to action in ad copy 

A good ad copy triggers more ad clicks, so make it catchy that can make your audience curious about your products or services. 

Catchy Ad Creative:

Last but not least the creative design makes a significant role when planning your display ad campaigns. A catchy ad creative can thousands of words and it also grabs the audience’s attention. In ad creative don’t forget to include a call-to-action button that relays your end goal whatever product or service you are marketing. 

We hope you will keep all the above-mentioned points in your mind when planning for a display ad campaign.

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How to Do Mobile App Marketing

There should have a proper plan to market your app because most of the time we carry our mobile phone and prefer to search for different types of app in the app market store. The right mobile app marketing strategies are required to connect with people looking for similar apps like yours. 

Here we discuss some effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies.

Find your Potential Audience:

To make a solid marketing plan, first research your audience’s requirements and search behaviors. You need to make them understand how they will benefit from using the app.  

Knowing the audience’s demographics such as age, lifestyle, spending habits helps you to strategize a better marketing plan and hit the right audience.

Follow Competitors Strategies:

There is a quote don’t “Underestimate Your Competitors”. Before going to full-fledged Mobile App Marketing, look at your competitor’s strategies and note them out. Then incorporate those strategies in your marketing plan to remain relevant in the competition.

Optimize Your App Store Page:

App store optimization is the process to improve the ranking of your app. If people find any app on the first page, there is a greater possibility to interact and download those apps. 

Make it ensure that before publishing the app in the app store proper Title, app description with specific keywords have been put properly. A catchy UI of any app screen increases the chances to interact with the app.

Get Reviews:

On the online platform, positive reviews always make an impact on people’s minds. Positive Reviews about your app encourage others to use your app or at least download it. If people find your app is useful then they can encourage others to use it. 

Work Social Media:

Social Media plays a significant role to gain the popularity of your app. Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram, YouTube is a good way to promote your app and engage with people. Create a post that includes features and functionalities of your app and shares the link on social media and various groups to gain maximum visibility organically. The Paid Campaign is FB, Instagram, YouTube can be a game-changer for downloading the app.

Use SEO to Promote App:

Last but not the least, SEO is the most acceptable approach for app marketing. Proper SEO practices help people to find any app on the 1st page in the app store when searching by specific keywords. You need to incorporate SEO into your marketing efforts for gaining maximum exposure.

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7 Ways to Get Clients for Freelancing

As a freelancer, you have to think out of the box; after all you are your own boss. Your success depends on your determination and efforts. You have to focus to find potential clients for your business.

7 Ways to Get Clients for Freelancing:


The effective and most popular way to get projects through bidding from freelancing job sites. Plenty of companies outsource their projects to freelancers. Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Our are some popular freelancing sites from where can start a journey as a freelancer. For that, you need to create a profile on those sites.


Social media plays a significant role to get freelance clients.

Facebook has become a good place for a freelancer to get projects.  Organically you can join relevant groups based on your domain.

Post your services, offering details on regular basis at social media and communities. When someone engages with your post then connect him or her on Facebook and direct message them.  Other hand Linkedin is a good source for getting leads. Make your profile on Linkedin and build connections with people who are Start-up business owners, Director of companies. Message them your work portfolio so that they understand your proficiency and outsource project to you when required.


You can start writing a blog on topics you know.  It is a good way to communicate with the audience especially for those who are looking to hire knowledgeable freelancers like you.


SEO is a time taking process but you can genuine prospects from here. It’s essential to reach a potential audience who are actively looking for services similar to you. Fo that you need to rank your website at 1st page with relevant keywords for better placement.


In the age of the internet, it’s easier to connect with users through Email. That is the reason behind the gaining popularity of email marketing.  Someone may not be your client before, but maybe in near future. You need to target those customers by offering discounts so that they remind your name or brand before hiring a freelancer.


The most easiest and popular way to get clients is through referrals.

You may get new clients through referrals by following these principles: A) be cooperative, helpful, and trustworthy, B) Give your 100% for your existing clients, and C) Ask your current client’s to refer your name.


Partnering with a freelancer who provides other services may be a good option. If you are an SEO freelancer you can partner with a freelance Developer and Designer. Forward any web development and design related inquiry to them and ask them to forward the same for SEO, Digital Marketing related projects.

Don’t be afraid to adopt new things because there are no hard and fast rules to get new clients through Digital Marketing. The above-mentioned points on “how to get clients for freelancing “are purely based on my experience. If you find some new way to get leads then please share by commenting below.

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Tips to Create Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Both smart shopping and standard shopping campaign use same Google ad account id. Smart Shopping Campaigns introduces new features like dynamic remarketing and also includes the Display network. The products will show on YouTube and Gmail in a fully automated way in Smart Shopping Campaign.

In this campaign maximize conversion value bid strategy is being used that can define an expected ROAS for the investment. But keep it in mind that to create such a campaign you should have a remarketing list with at least 100 users with the conversion tracking active.

As you know Smart Shopping Campaigns automate a lot of manual tasks such as add negative keywords, device-specific bid Adjustment so on. There are limitations too. We are not able to get details about the search terms that are activating our ads, or in what proportion they are being shown on each network (Display vs. Google Search). In the Smart Shopping Campaign, you not able to set campaign priorities that is present in Standard Shopping Campaign.

Some Recommendation for You Before Proceeding a Campaign:

A. You can group products with similar ROAS into new smart campaigns if you have done it before with Standard Shopping Campaign.

B. When grouping products into campaigns to gather products of a similar average price to homogenize the visibility of all products.

C. In Smart Shopping Campaign you don’t need to subdivide the product group by label, brand, type of product, or product IDs. Go to Reports / Predefined reports (dimensions) / Shopping, and then choose the one you want. Once in the report, you can customize it. You can use campaign filters to choose only the products you want.

Steps to Create a Smart Shopping Campaign (SSC)

  1. Configure the feed correctly.
  2. Select New Campaign/Sales/Shopping
  3. Select the desired merchant center account and the country where you sell the products and smart campaign subtype.
  4. Indicate budget and, optionally ROAS objective. It is recommended to set the bidding strategy “maximize conversion value” without a ROAS goal.

You can differentiate the performance of any previous standard Shopping campaigns with the Smart Shopping Campaign. Since SSC uses dynamic remarketing, it would not be fair to compare it’s performance with Standard Shopping Campaigns. 

According to me, Google Smart Shopping Campaign has some advantages that were missing in the Standard Shopping Campaign that may fit into your business.

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How to Start a Blog to Make Money

Today we would be discussing all how to start a blog and make money. Nowadays there are many YouTube creators who claims to earn lakhs and also review on other blogs channels on how to start a blog and make money. But the cruel truth is that none of them reveal the secret behind their success. Before starting a blog you must know your niche that is mostly searched by users so that you can get traffic for your blog.

First, find your niche, it’s very easy to know which niches and blogs are making decent money. And these details could be found on any blog income-related post where bloggers usually describe all about their income.

Second, you need to figure out what should be your blog name once you figure out your blog name then check whether it is available on domain name server. Nextly you need to buy hosting to live your blog.

Third, Find out long-tail keywords and start writing blogs on those keywords.  Keep it in mind each blog should at least 600-800 Words long.  The content should unique, engaging. Don’t write promotional content.

 Fourth, to start monetizing your content, and must make sure that your blog follows all Google Adsense policies.  Make a target of 50- 100 visitors per day which might take some time but once you gain traffic your blog starts to rank in Google search result pages.

There are many other sources of earnings like affiliate marketing and others. Hope this blog made your queries go away, and for more inquiry contact Education Excellence at your convenience.

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Salary Offers by Companies during Hiring SEO Professional in India

Here candidates make a breeze cavity including many types of inquiries like if I learn digital marketing what is the scope & how much would be the salary.

It’s always preferable for any SEO fresher to start with internships at once where you get good knowledge for example if you have passed out from any of XYZ Institute but here you get practical knowledge but that may a past theoretical knowledge or a practical one.

There are many SEO fresher those who have opened their website which I acknowledge it but that is not enough to get a job so that is the reason you must start with Internship.

 Also, we would discuss all Various Types of Job Profiles & SEO expert salary in India

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts are those who are well sound with performing keyword searches by identifying favor perfect keywords in the industry. They continuously work on websites to create informative and quality content for easy access able.

SEO professional salary as SEO Analyst – INR 2,40,000 – 3,24,000/Year(approx)

SEO Strategist

SEO Strategist is that the person who is responsible for reviewing, advertising, analyzing the changes required for the Optimization of the business. Also, there are responsible to take various types of SEO strategies and services to improve website rankings and increase more website visibility. A SEO Strategist also has the responsibility to monetize the website and modify the strategy to get more visibility and conversion.

SEO professional salary as SEO Strategy – INR 3,00,000- 3,60,000/Year(approx)

SEO Consultant

A SEO consultant gives a basic set-related consultation to companies, corporations, brands, and any individuals. A SEO consultant may not visit the office regularly but instead, provide the consultation online. The major assignment of an SEO consultant is to provide business suggestions to clients or companies with whom they would work.

SEO professional salary as SEO Consultant – INR 3,60,000-6,00,000/Year(approx)

SEO Manager

An SEO manager has responsibilities to evaluate the report by running with all the campaigns. He/She is responsible to guide the subordinates with in-depth knowledge of keywords and profitable Ad campaigns and also recommends the amendment in the campaigns that are going to be launched or are already live. Also, a SEO manager can develop a content market strategy to set up SEO goals.

SEO professional salary as SEO Manager – 3,60,000-5,40,000/Year(approx)

SEO Trainer

SEO trainer who provides training to the fresher’s or employees of any organization so that those resources can cope up with the latest SEO trends. An SEO trainer must be a good level of knowledge for getting the best results in the ranking of the website.

SEO professional salary as SEO Trainer – INR 6,00,000- 8,40,000/Year(approx)

Hence Digital Marketing is one of the finest professions in the age of digitization.  A SEO professional salary varies as per company to company. If any person joins a startup, the approx. salaries will INR 20-25k monthly whereas in MNC it will something like that approx. INR 45-50k. Keep it mind end of the day it fully depends on your year of experience and your skill set.

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