Indian Blogger Earning in 2022

A Blog is similar to an online journal, or like an online diary. Typically it is a collection of contents that are present in an organized manner. A Blogger is a person who creates the content like be it-blog articles, web articles, posters for any blog, etc. To earn money online Blogging is a good platform.  Many of my blog readers asking me to share some tips on how to earn money from blogging.

99% Bloggers’ main intention is to earn money from Blogs. And there is always a doubt in their mind about how much money can be made from blog page views. You know the highest earner’s income can be up to 10 times from the lowest earner.

Some Factors that every Indian Blogger should know before start blogging:

A. Find Appropriate Niche.
B. Targeted Country.
C. Optimization Method
D. Website Authority

How are the Indian Bloggers, so successful?

Blogging is a combination of good luck, hard work, and consistency. So the bloggers used to work very enthusiastically and diligently, and they always look ways to look forward to the blog, they are working for.

When these bloggers at the end of the day complete up with their blog that can be catered for everybody present around the globe, then their conversion rate of generating sales through various means becomes considerably higher than most of the other bloggers.

Do you know the top Indian blogger earnings in India?  Here in this, I will give some insight about some top Indian Bloggers and their earning details. There are some Indian bloggers whose blog’s major traffic comes from the USA and earnings are in millions.

Jignesh Padiyar

Estimate Earning:  Approx $13,000/Month

Amit Agarwal
Estimate Earning: Approx $60,000/Month

Harsh Agrawal
Estimate Earning: Approx $55,000/Month

Faisal Farooqui
Estimate Earning: Approx $55,000/Month

Shradha Sharma
Estimate Earning: Approx $35,000/Month

Malini Agarwal
Estimate Earning: Approx $30,000/Month

Last but not least will know about the journey details of some Top Indian bloggers.
Srinivas Tamada who have started blogging in 2009. He is earning an average INR 2- 2.5 Lakh monthly. His website:

Shivya Nath, A female blogger who left her corporate job and started travel blogging. Now she is earning approx. INR 2 Lakh per month from her website:

Imran Uddin started to write a blog when he was in the 2nd year of his engineering study and starting a tech blog named as, he earn approx. INR 30- 35 Lakh monthly from blogging.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned data may change according to time. We have collected the data from online platform.

From my experience, I can suggest “how much money Indian bloggers can earn”. In 2022 selection of niche is very much important in blogging. Your niche decides how much you can earn per 1000 views. In India online banking, finance, Digital Marketing, Crypto currency, and Internet Technology are some best niches that have good RPM. If you are not fluent in English then you can start blogging in your mother tongue. The USA is one of the best countries to generate huge amounts of traffic and revenue through blogging.

Indian bloggers can target these countries to generate a good amount of money:

South Africa

From my experience, I have seen if you can target non-English countries like Germany, Italy, Brazil, and France Indian bloggers can earn huge amounts of money from blogging.

Whatever method you would like to use for earning from blogging you need to properly SEO optimize your website. You need to acquire quality backlinks so that website’s Page and Domain Authority can increase.

If you have launched your new website and are getting paid per 1000 views, over time when website traffic increases, your RPM will improve as well. So you need a proper plan of action before you start blogging.


The Basic Revenue Model of an Indian Blogger:

Google Adsense: Advertising is important. It won’t be difficult to build a loyal audience through AdSense, BuySellAds, BlogAds, these are the good ad networks. Advertisements depend on the interest of the audience. Google pays only those bloggers if their visitors click on the advertisements posted on their blog.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a platform that turns a blogger into a product seller. This helps a blogger to create links for a product that is available on Amazon, and every product that gets sold will make a handsome amount of commission.

Selling products through Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. But before that, you need to create a blog.

The general process that needs to keep your mind while monetizing any blog:

  • Find a niche that has low competition, moderate search volume keywords, and easily sellable products.
  • Set up a blog site using an SEO-friendly CMS like WordPress.
  • Create unique content including long-Tail keywords. Don’t forget to include LSI keywords in content.
  • Link Build is another good approach to generate traffic for a website. We recommend not purchasing any paid links or PPC service to gain traffic. You need organic traffic for a website.

Product Selling: A blogger can sell the products that he wishes to promote on a website.

You can sell Digital Products like smart watches, mobile accessories, gaming accessories, Bluetooth headphones, wifi routers, etc. Digital products are very easy to sell through blogging. And you don’t need to think about manufacturing or shipping products.

These are a few basic mechanisms for the generation of revenue, which are available to a blogger. So a blogger, who usually spends Eight to ten hours every day, can at least earn minimum INR 1-1.5 lakhs per month, but on the condition that the blogger should have a detailed conception of the SEO.

Don’t start blogging just by seeing a couple of videos on YouTube or reading information from Google. If you have dedication and time to invest then only go for blogging. We would like to say that if you want to earn money from blogging then every blogger should focus on SEO. Writing a blog or article on regular basis isn’t enough. Before writing a blog you should analyze your audience segment, find your competitors and keywords by which they are ranking in Google. Then make your keywords list.

The bloggers who are successful today always had the right guidance through reputed organizations. To become a full-time blogger you need to take admission to a reputed Digital Marketing Institute that will help to enhance your blogging skills. Please share your thoughts or inputs if i am missing something by commenting below.


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