Impacts of Social Media’s Reviews in Kalank Box Office

Film critics are discuss everything when a film release like actor’s performance, makeup,  costumes, length of film, music, direction, etc. I may not be able to discuss all those technical things and at the same time may not be able to point out what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. So as cine goers I am going to review this film.

Due to Digital Media, the film was able to create hype among people. So let’s discuss the consequence that has been created on social media. As the name suggests ‘KALANK’ it questions the morality of society especially when it comes to love and family ties. The story of the film has focused mainly on eternal love that goes beyond the rules and regulations of society. Husnabad, where the majority of the populations are Muslims and they are blacksmiths by profession.

We have seen all these things before and you can’t relate these things with the real world. Maybe the story based on love saga but if someone wants to go and watch the film in the theatre, there is nothing actually to shout out. The dynamics between the characters are very fragile. The most important thing or I should say the negative thing is it’s running time, people will get bored because it is a very lengthy film. As a Director, Avishek Varman’s performance is average because he didn’t use actors properly in the movie.

Social media plays a significant role in film promotion nowadays. The producer now spending a huge amount of money for film promotion. Before release trailer of the movie had been created hype among people especially social media. If you look at all social media platforms everybody was discussing the film. Generally, it caught the attention and the main thing that goes in the favour of the film was the star cast and one thing that has worked is Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit are reuniting on the silver screen after a very long time.

Today people are very much open about their thoughts if they like something they prefer to write or share it on their social media accounts and if they don’t like something writes this also. Today’s young generation prefers to read a review of the film before going to see it in Theatre. In that case, if the online reputation of the film gets a negative review, then cinema lovers normally wait to see the film on Television or prefer to download the movie from other online platforms. So according to me the online reviews in various social media have made a major impact on Kalank’s box office collection.

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