MBA Students Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Do you know why MBA students should learn Digital Marketing? Enter the Digital Marketing Course for MBA Students: your secret weapon to dominate the ever-evolving marketplace.

There is a potential job scope in Digital Marketing, especially for those who are pursuing MBA/BBA in the marketing field. You can find a better pay scale in the Digital Marketing field in comparison to any other job role. Till today, 90% of MBA colleges, even IIMs are still don’t have any Digital Marketing curriculum.

Sorry to say that, still in India have lack of Digital Marketing Expertise. To fill up the scarcity in the upcoming day’s lot of jobs will be created in the Digital Marketing field. There is not enough expertise in the digital marketing field to give training to MBA / BBA students. There are major gaps in how digital marketing and related technologies are introduced in marketing courses.

Think of it as supercharging your business acumen with digital prowess. You’ll master the art of targeted online campaigns, data-driven strategies, and cutting-edge social media tactics. Imagine crafting irresistible content that compels clicks and conversions, or wielding the power of SEO to turn your brand into a search engine magnet.

This course isn’t just about trendy tools and jargon. It’s about unlocking the immense potential of the digital landscape. You’ll learn to analyze customer behavior, measure campaign success like a pro, and craft data-backed narratives that resonate with your target audience. Think growth hacking, influencer marketing, and Omni channel strategies, all woven into a tapestry of measurable results and maximized ROI.

But why is this so crucial for MBA students? Because the future of business is digital. Period. Companies crave leaders who speak the language of clicks and conversions, who can navigate the ever-shifting digital landscape with strategic agility. This course equips you with the in-demand skills and real-world insights to become that leader.


Why MBA Students Should learn Digital Marketing:

First, digital marketing skills are in high demand among employers. A recent survey by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) found that 82% of Indian businesses are investing in digital marketing. As a result, there is a growing need for digital marketing professionals.
Second, digital marketing is a versatile skill that can be applied to various industries. MBA graduates with digital marketing skills can work in marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, and other fields even if they can work as a freelancer.
Third, digital marketing is a relatively easy skill to learn. There are many online courses and resources available, and many employers are willing to train new employees.

Fourth, Potential Market. The current market has a huge demand for skilled digital marketers. According to trade analysts, India needs more than 2 lakhs of Digital Marketer on an immediate basis. So It’s a golden opportunity for MBA (Marketing) students.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing:
Increased job opportunities: Digital marketing skills are in high demand among employers in India, so MBA graduates with these skills will have more job opportunities.
Higher salaries: Digital marketing professionals tend to earn higher salaries than those in other marketing roles.
More career advancement opportunities: Digital marketers with the right skills and experience can quickly advance their careers.
More job flexibility: Digital marketing professionals can often work remotely or have flexible hours.
Better entrepreneurial opportunities: Digital marketing skills can be helpful for MBA graduates who want to start their businesses.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing Job:

The scope of getting a job in traditional marketing is reducing day by day. whereas if you look at popular job sites like Shine, Naukri, Times jobs, LinkedIn more than 90% of vacancies in marketing jobs require an MBA in Digital Marketing. So you can’t it anyway. Many big FMCG, Automobile, IT industries continue hiring sales and marketing personnel. Not only that start-up companies also looking for MBA/BBA passed out candidates. Thatswhy sales and marketing professionals are now upgrading their skills in Digital Marketing to cope up with the industry requirements.

So, ditch the outdated marketing playbook and embrace the digital revolution. This course isn’t just about adding another line to your resume; it’s about transforming your skillset, boosting your marketability, and becoming the future-proof business leader the world craves.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Have a look at the topics covered in Digital Marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SMM(Social Media Marketing)

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisement

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing

Top MBA Colleges in Digital Marketing:

Educational Excellence (Durgapur, West Bengal)

Centurion University of Technology (Bhubaneswar)

Indian Institute of Digital Education (Mumbai)


Graphic Era University (Dehradun)

UnitedWorld School of Business (Kolkata)

RIMT University (Punjab)

Invest in your digital future. Enroll in a Digital Marketing Course for MBA Students today and watch your career trajectory skyrocket. At Educational Excellence we provide a complete Digital Marketing Course for MBA / BBA students and also provide admission to top MBA Colleges in Digital Marketing. If you are an MBA student, I encourage you to consider learning digital marketing. 

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