3 Best Mobile Ad Providers to Monetize App

App monetization is a good way for extra income sitting at home. There are various platforms by using which you can monetize the mobile app. Here we will discuss some popular ad providers.

Google AdMob:

Google AdMob, one of the popular d service provider having billions of users all over the world since 2012. Currently, over a million apps using AdMob. It’s paid out over $3.5 billion to publishers.

Benefits of Google AdMob

Easy and completely free to install.

Have the option to display on any platform such as Android, iOS.

Need not to worry about showing the ad to limited users since there are millions of active users in AdMob.

Native apps are easy to design with AdMob’s templates and code customization.

Using AdMob Mediation you can display ads from Google advertisers.

Advertising analytics are free.

Get paid quickly in your currency.

AdMob is a product of Google you just need to have a Google account. If you have existing Google AdSense or Ads account, Google will syncs all its platforms together for streamlined ad management.

Facebook Audience Network:

Facebook business tool such as Facebook audience network is a great tool that advertisers can use to reach large audiences.

Benefits of Facebook Audience Network:

It allows 5 types of ads like banner, interstitial, native, in-stream video, and rewarded video.

Get more conversions when ads are displayed across Facebook and its associates sites that makes advertising on your mobile app a very exciting opportunity for advertisers.

Publishers get access to notable advertisers.

Using Facebook technology right ads serve to the right people.

To monetize your app you need to set up a business manager and monetization manager accounts at Facebook, after that you have to submit your app to Facebook for review purposes. As per the content of your app the ad will place to the right audience.

Google Ad Manager:

It is a Google product mainly known as Google Double-click that can be used to monetize an app and provide a platform to interact with millions of advertisers from Google Ads, Trading Desks. It is a competitive platform where you can spend much more on ad placements.


Multi-screen ad provider with a great productivity booster for advertising.

Integrates with DoubleClick Ad Exchange that gives you access to its broad network of advertisers.

Allows sharing ads in all formats.

Identify new opportunities within the app to serve ads.

You can automate optimization for improved ad placement.

It comes with malware and anti-fraud tools.

You just need an existing Google account. After registration, you need to create your ad units and placements to connect with your mobile app and set targets.

Since mobile ad spends hits approx $70 billion yearly, now mobile apps are prime advertising platforms for advertisers. The above mentioned ad providers are the best app monetization platform according to me, if have information any other platforms then please let me know by commenting below.



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