7 Ways to Get Clients for Freelancing

As a freelancer, you have to think out of the box; after all you are your own boss. Your success depends on your determination and efforts. You have to focus to find potential clients for your business.

7 Ways to Get Clients for Freelancing:


The effective and most popular way to get projects through bidding from freelancing job sites. Plenty of companies outsource their projects to freelancers. Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Our are some popular freelancing sites from where can start a journey as a freelancer. For that, you need to create a profile on those sites.


Social media plays a significant role to get freelance clients.

Facebook has become a good place for a freelancer to get projects.  Organically you can join relevant groups based on your domain.

Post your services, offering details on regular basis at social media and communities. When someone engages with your post then connect him or her on Facebook and direct message them.  Other hand Linkedin is a good source for getting leads. Make your profile on Linkedin and build connections with people who are Start-up business owners, Director of companies. Message them your work portfolio so that they understand your proficiency and outsource project to you when required.


You can start writing a blog on topics you know.  It is a good way to communicate with the audience especially for those who are looking to hire knowledgeable freelancers like you.


SEO is a time taking process but you can genuine prospects from here. It’s essential to reach a potential audience who are actively looking for services similar to you. Fo that you need to rank your website at 1st page with relevant keywords for better placement.


In the age of the internet, it’s easier to connect with users through Email. That is the reason behind the gaining popularity of email marketing.  Someone may not be your client before, but maybe in near future. You need to target those customers by offering discounts so that they remind your name or brand before hiring a freelancer.


The most easiest and popular way to get clients is through referrals.

You may get new clients through referrals by following these principles: A) be cooperative, helpful, and trustworthy, B) Give your 100% for your existing clients, and C) Ask your current client’s to refer your name.


Partnering with a freelancer who provides other services may be a good option. If you are an SEO freelancer you can partner with a freelance Developer and Designer. Forward any web development and design related inquiry to them and ask them to forward the same for SEO, Digital Marketing related projects.

Don’t be afraid to adopt new things because there are no hard and fast rules to get new clients through Digital Marketing. The above-mentioned points on “how to get clients for freelancing “are purely based on my experience. If you find some new way to get leads then please share by commenting below.

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