Do you Think AI overtakes Digital Marketing in 2022?

Do you think AI overtakes Digital Marketing? I am bored by listening to “digital marketing is going to die soon!” I think it’s the best time to clear this misconception among marketers, students, and professionals.

Data says 90% of users now use AI assistance such as voice search from their mobile phones. In America, almost 30% of jobs will replace by AI in 2030. Some jobs such as Content Writing, Backlinks Creation will be obsolete in upcoming years.

In 2022 The digital marketers should follow full-funnel marketing rather than focus just only top of the funnel. AI has a huge advantage to grab user attention in both organic and paid marketing.

Why AI is being Used in Digital Marketing?
A. AI makes it easier for marketers to audit, analyze and prepare a concrete marketing plan and drive more revenue.
B. AI marketing can help marketers to analyze content marketing, landing page testing, paid campaign optimization, conversion rate optimization, lead scoring, targeting audience, personalization so on.
C. Relevant metrics like user enrollment, email subscription, user registration can track by AI.
D. Help to identify prospective customers.
E. AI provides a perfect communication platform in form of chatbots for better customer support.
F. Content curation is effectively used by AI to analyze which type of content should display to which users.
G. Google Ads campaign has a huge impact on AI. Bid adjustment, learning campaign performance, keywords analysis, etc. are successfully implemented by AI.
H. Introduction of Machine Learning in SEO is a core part of search engine algorithm. AI makes it easy for SEO professionals to smoothly implement schema, AMP into a website.

AI has already proved its usefulness in marketing automation.
According to me, AI utilization in Digital Marketing will grow in upcoming years. Digital Marketer needs to worry about their job, they should keep themselves up to date from time to time.

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