SEO Interview Questions Asked to Fresher’s at the Time of Hiring

Nowadays, SEO is a demanding career option among youth. The reasons behind it about growing internet users from the last couple of years. Many Youths are choosing Digital Marketing as a career, SEO is one of them. From Top branded companies to start-ups are now hiring for the position of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I am a Digital Marketing Trainer for the last 3-4 years and have seen lots of students facing some common problems at the time of the SEO Interview process. So I have decided to discuss the SEO interview questions answers in our blog.

Here are the basic SEO interview questions answers follow below:
1. What is SEO?
Ans: SEO is a process to rank your website at the top position in Search Engine Results Pages organically.

2. Types of SEO?
Ans: Onpage and Offpage SEO.

3. What are Backlinks?
Ans: Backlinks is a method of link building to connect with a particular webpage from another webpage.

4. Types of Keywords?
Ans: Keywords are two types, Primary and Secondary keywords.
Primary Keywords – The main keyword that is being used in the website content.
Secondary Keywords – It is synonyms or variant of main keywords that are being used in the website content.

5. What are different off-page SEO tactics?
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Ping URLs
Local Business Listing
Forum Posting
Question/Answer Submission
Guest Posting
Video Submission
Article Directory Submission
PPT Submission
Search Engine Submission

6. What are Outbound Links?
Ans: Out Bound Links (OBL) are those links that point to another website from your website. It is also called External Links.

7. What are PA and DA?
Ans: Page Authority and Domain Authority are a metric to calculate a score on a scale from 1 to 100 of any website domain and particular web pages.

8. What is Keword’s Difficulty?
Ans: Keyword Difficulty (KD) is a metric to calculate the difficulty to rank any keyword in search engine results pages.

9. What is Keyword Proximity?
Ans: The keyword Proximity is simply a relation between two keywords. It signifies how close are the keywords to each other.
10. What is Clocking?
Ans: It is a Black Hat SEO tactic to mislead search engine crawlers by presenting different pieces of content to users and search engines.
11. What are SEO Ranking Factor?
Ans: Out of many SEO Factors these are the main Ranking factors now:
Quality Content
Quality Backlinks
Mobile-Friendly Website
Core Web Vitals
Schema Mark-Up
HTTPS Secure Connection

12. What is Canonical Tag?
Ans: Canonical Tag is an Onpage SEO factor that tells search engines your preferred URL version that you want to show in Search Engine Result Pages.
13. What is the Difference Between HTML and XML Sitemap?
Ans: HTML sitemap is being read by website users and XML is mainly read by a web crawler. HTML sitemap has no option to store data such as set page priority whereas XML sitemap has the option to set page priority.

14. Explain 301 and 302 Redirection and what is good for SEO?
Ans: 301 redirections are being used when someone wants to permanently move a domain from one to another one whereas 302 redirection is a temporary redirection of a domain to another one.

15. Give Some Example of SEO Tools?
Ans: Google Webmasters, Google Analytics, MozRank, SEMRUSH, GTMETRIX.

16. What are Dofollow and Nofollow Links?
Ans: Dofollow links are those that pass PageRank value to a website whereas Nofollow doesn’t pass PageRank value to a website.

17. What is Core Web Vitals in SEO?
Ans: Core Web Vital is a Google announcement that enables developers to understand how users interact with a webpage. It has three parts LCP, FCP, CLS.

18. What are AMP Pages?
Ans: Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source HTML framework used in news, article website. The main reason to use AMP is to load websites faster on mobile devices.

19. What is Panda and Penguin Update?
Ans: Panda determines your actual content, Penguin looks at how your website has been promoted.

20. What is TLD Domain?
Ans: Top Level Domain is an element in any Domain Name maintained by IANA. Example :.COM, .NET, .ORG, .IN etc.

21. What is a Featured Snippet?
Ans: featured Snippet is those text or information that appears at the top position (‘0’ Position) on the search engine result pages.

22. What is Cross Linking??
Ans: It is an inbound linking process to connect your website with another relevant webpage of your website to increase the page authority of the website.

23. What is keyword Density?
Ans: Keyword Density refers to the number of times any particular keywords occurrences into a webpage or content.

24. Difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?
Ans: Bounce Rate is a metric that determines when a user leaves the session of any webpage without triggering any event.
Exit rate is a percentage of visitors that exit from last in the session of any landing page.

25. What is Google Search Console?
Ans: Google Search Console is a free tool that is being used to analyze web-related issues such as crawling errors, URLs indexing status, malware issues.

26. What is the Character’s Limit of Meta Title and Description?
Ans: Characters’ limit of meta title and description varies from Search Engine to Search Engine. Google generally supports 50- 65 characters in meta title whereas 145 -160 characters in the meta description.

27. Do You Know About Doorway Pages?
Ans: Doorway pages are a black hat SEO technique that is being used to spamming search engines by redirecting users to a different landing page when searching for particular phrases.

I just like to highlight the basic SEO questions with answers in this blog. From Time to Time I will bring more such SEO interview questions with answers. If you are a fresher and want to know how to give the exact answer during an SEO interview then must follow this blog once.

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