Facebook Pixel Code and It’s Importance in Ad Campaign

The main purpose to use Facebook pixel code is to collect data from your ad campaign. Now, let us discuss how pixels can boost your Facebook marketing.

Use Facebook conversion tracking: Yo can track how a user interacts with your website and from which devices. It helps you to refine your ad campaign for a better result.

Facebook Re-Targeting: Facebook re-targeting pixel enables admin to display ads to the specific audience who have visited your website previously.

Create Lookalike Audiences: You can target a lookalike audience of customers who have similar interests like products, services you are providing.

Facebook Ads for Conversions: You can track the specific conversion of any events like sign up newsletter, purchase products on your website by Facebook pixel code.

Optimize Facebook Ads for Value: As you know that the purpose of pixel code is to collect data of potential customers who buy from your website. Optimize your ad based on value so that it automatically reach to those people who want to make a purchase.

Let’s discuss Facebook pixel standard events below:

Purchase: Someone who has completed a purchase from your website.
Lead: Who signs up at your website by providing information like name, email id, contact no called as a lead.
Add Payment Info: Users who provide the payment information during the purchase of some products from your website.
Add to Cart: Someone who adds product at shopping cart on your website.
Add to Wish-list: Users who select products in a wish-list section of your website.
Initiate checkout: Someone who starts the checkout process to buy a product from your site.
Search: Someone who searches something on your website.
Contact: Who contacts with your business.
Customize Product: Someone selects a specific version of a product, like select a particular colour.
Subscribe: Someone subscribes to a paid product or service.

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