Link Building is Still a Ranking Factor of SEO in 2019

Do you know what is E.A.T?
E- Expertise,

Content is king today. Google pays attention to the expertise part of E.A.T. You should include the name of the person along with short bio stating why he or she is expertise to write on such a topic.

The next vital thing is the authority of the website that comes from reputable sources with quality editorial content.

Another factor is trustworthiness. It directly relates to the security of the site. Browser like Chrome is already marked “not secure” to those websites which have no SSL certificates. HTTPS has a good impact on your SEO ranking.

Link Building Strategy for 2019

Creating Content
Be analytical before writing. Creating content just for posting is not enough. Think about whether your content brings something new and fresh to the readers or not. If the ranking of your post goes down, your long-term link building opportunities go down with it.

Content Marketing Statistics That Influence Your Link Building Strategy

1. More than 90% of content marketer prefers Long-form content generally in between 1800-2000 words.
2. As of July 2018, worldwide 53% of people use Mobile compared to 47% on desktop and other devices. So make it sure that your content is optimized for mobile.
3. Now more than 70% of netizen wants to learn something through content rather than other traditional ways.

Guest Posting
Guest posting is another great way to acquire backlinks. First of all, you need to find those companies that are related to your industry and allow guest post service. You have to write for them and link your site within that post. According to a survey it is good to write 1-5 guest post monthly.

Asking for Links
Asking for a link isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. It is in no way desperate to ask another site to link your content. Before asking for a link please make it sure that you are confident enough in your content.

Backlinks are still essentials for SEO
On a regular basis, Google changes their algorithm where links are the major part of the updates. Due to the recent Google Medic Update, many sites drop in the ranking.

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