Salary Offers by Companies during Hiring SEO Professional in India

Here candidates make a breeze cavity including many types of inquiries like if I learn digital marketing what is the scope & how much would be the salary.

It’s always preferable for any SEO fresher to start with internships at once where you get good knowledge for example if you have passed out from any of XYZ Institute but here you get practical knowledge but that may a past theoretical knowledge or a practical one.

There are many SEO fresher those who have opened their website which I acknowledge it but that is not enough to get a job so that is the reason you must start with Internship.

 Also, we would discuss all Various Types of Job Profiles & SEO expert salary in India

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts are those who are well sound with performing keyword searches by identifying favor perfect keywords in the industry. They continuously work on websites to create informative and quality content for easy access able.

SEO professional salary as SEO Analyst – INR 2,40,000 – 3,24,000/Year(approx)

SEO Strategist

SEO Strategist is that the person who is responsible for reviewing, advertising, analyzing the changes required for the Optimization of the business. Also, there are responsible to take various types of SEO strategies and services to improve website rankings and increase more website visibility. A SEO Strategist also has the responsibility to monetize the website and modify the strategy to get more visibility and conversion.

SEO professional salary as SEO Strategy – INR 3,00,000- 3,60,000/Year(approx)

SEO Consultant

A SEO consultant gives a basic set-related consultation to companies, corporations, brands, and any individuals. A SEO consultant may not visit the office regularly but instead, provide the consultation online. The major assignment of an SEO consultant is to provide business suggestions to clients or companies with whom they would work.

SEO professional salary as SEO Consultant – INR 3,60,000-6,00,000/Year(approx)

SEO Manager

An SEO manager has responsibilities to evaluate the report by running with all the campaigns. He/She is responsible to guide the subordinates with in-depth knowledge of keywords and profitable Ad campaigns and also recommends the amendment in the campaigns that are going to be launched or are already live. Also, a SEO manager can develop a content market strategy to set up SEO goals.

SEO professional salary as SEO Manager – 3,60,000-5,40,000/Year(approx)

SEO Trainer

SEO trainer who provides training to the fresher’s or employees of any organization so that those resources can cope up with the latest SEO trends. An SEO trainer must be a good level of knowledge for getting the best results in the ranking of the website.

SEO professional salary as SEO Trainer – INR 6,00,000- 8,40,000/Year(approx)

Hence Digital Marketing is one of the finest professions in the age of digitization.  A SEO professional salary varies as per company to company. If any person joins a startup, the approx. salaries will INR 20-25k monthly whereas in MNC it will something like that approx. INR 45-50k. Keep it mind end of the day it fully depends on your year of experience and your skill set.

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