Top Companies in India Where Every Youth Want to Start Career

Every youth has a dream to work in a big brand company after passing college and university. For the last couple of days, I am actively researching on finding India’s top companies. 

LIC India

Category: Finance

Key Functionalities: promote savings, promote life insurance policy, investing funds into government securities. 

Year of Establishment: 1956

Market Capital (in USD): 530B

Number of Employees: 1,14,000

Reliance Industries

Category: Oil and Gas

Key Functionalities: Hydrocarbon Production, Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Retail, and Telecommunications.

Year of Establishment: 1973

Market Capital (in USD): 230.7B

Number of Employees: 2,36,560

Tata Consultancy Services

Category: Information Technology

Key Functionalities: IT consultingBPS, integrated portfolio of business

Year of Establishment: 1968

Market Capital (in USD): 152.66B

Number of Employees: 6,06,331


Category: Financial Institution

Key Functionalities: Banking, Business Loans, Personal Loans

Year of Establishment: 1994

Market Capital (in USD): 115.01B

Number of Employees: 1,52,511


Category: Information Technology

Key Functionalities: ConsultingBusiness application services, Technology

Year of Establishment: 1981

Market Capital (in USD): 77.67B

Number of Employees: 2,76,319

Hindustan Unilever

Category: Consumer Goods

Key Functionalities: Foods and Beverages, Consumer Goods, Personal Care Products

Year of Establishment: 1933

Market Capital (in USD): 80.13B

Number of Employees: 21000

State Bank of India

Category: Financial Institution

Key Functionalities: Banking, Loan, Invest in Gold and Silver, Invest in Government Securities

Year of Establishment: 1955

Market Capital (in USD): 61.54B

Number of Employees: 2,45,642

Bajaj Finance

Category: Non-Banking Financial Services

Key Functionalities: Consumer Finance, Commercial Lending, Home Loan, SME Finance

Year of Establishment: 2007

Market Capital (in USD): 55.46 B

Number of Employees: 26969

Bharti Airtel

Category: Telecom

Key Functionalities: 

Tele Communication and Mobile Commerce, Broadband Services, Digital TV

Year of Establishment: 1995

Market Capital (in USD): 52.08B

Number of Employees: 18000

Tech Mahindra

Category: IT Consulting Services

Key Functionalities: IT Consulting Services, BPO Services, 

Year of Establishment: 1986

Market Capital (in USD): 12.77 B

Number of Employees: 141193

Disclaimer: The data is being reflected here based on available information on Google. Share Market is volatile, list may differ from the current position. We would like to get response from our readers. If you have any other information about “Top Companies in India” you may write to us. 

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