6 Basic Elements Uses in App Store Optimization

Let me introduce you to ASO. App store optimization is a process to improve your app’s visibility in the app store or apple store whenever someone searches with specific keywords. ASO needs constant improvements app elements like metadata, title, description, app screen continuously.

Basic Elements of ASO (App Store Optimization)
App Title: App title is very important. It should contain your App Name along with the primary keyword. App tile varies from IOS to Android. For Android, the app title length must be within 30 Characters whereas in the IOS store it is within 255 characters.

App Description: App description plays a vital role to rank the app. It is the same as Meta description uses in website SEO. So you need to write a clear, concise app description that attracts the user to download the app. You should use the main keywords in the first 2-3 lines of the app description. Your app description length both in Android and IOS should not be less than 1000 characters.

Keywords: Keywords research is the first major task you have to perform before lunch your app. Like website SEO you have to target the right audience who are searching for apps similar to yours. You need to make a list of keywords according to their search volume and keyword difficulties (KD). Then you have to put the

App Icon: Icon tells everything. A good, concise app icon is the first layer of interaction with users. A catchy app icon makes the user decide whether to download or not the app.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Only getting visibility at the app store isn’t enough. You need to app engagement like increasing app download. Conversion rate optimization is another good practice for app store optimization. You should have key points that mention the purpose of the app, its benefits, and its features.

App Video: A video says 1000 words. Every app should have a clear understandable short video on an app page. A video may increase the app download by at least 30%. Most users prefer downloading those apps that load within a minute, so it’s necessary to show video on the app screen when it’s visible in front of users.

Readers will get a clear insight into App Store Optimization. If you have any more ideas about app elements then write to us.

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