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3 Best Mobile Ad Providers to Monetize App

App monetization is a good way for extra income sitting at home. There are various platforms by using which you can monetize the mobile app. Here we will discuss some popular ad providers.

Google AdMob:

Google AdMob, one of the popular d service provider having billions of users all over the world since 2012. Currently, over a million apps using AdMob. It’s paid out over $3.5 billion to publishers.

Benefits of Google AdMob

Easy and completely free to install.

Have the option to display on any platform such as Android, iOS.

Need not to worry about showing the ad to limited users since there are millions of active users in AdMob.

Native apps are easy to design with AdMob’s templates and code customization.

Using AdMob Mediation you can display ads from Google advertisers.

Advertising analytics are free.

Get paid quickly in your currency.

AdMob is a product of Google you just need to have a Google account. If you have existing Google AdSense or Ads account, Google will syncs all its platforms together for streamlined ad management.

Facebook Audience Network:

Facebook business tool such as Facebook audience network is a great tool that advertisers can use to reach large audiences.

Benefits of Facebook Audience Network:

It allows 5 types of ads like banner, interstitial, native, in-stream video, and rewarded video.

Get more conversions when ads are displayed across Facebook and its associates sites that makes advertising on your mobile app a very exciting opportunity for advertisers.

Publishers get access to notable advertisers.

Using Facebook technology right ads serve to the right people.

To monetize your app you need to set up a business manager and monetization manager accounts at Facebook, after that you have to submit your app to Facebook for review purposes. As per the content of your app the ad will place to the right audience.

Google Ad Manager:

It is a Google product mainly known as Google Double-click that can be used to monetize an app and provide a platform to interact with millions of advertisers from Google Ads, Trading Desks. It is a competitive platform where you can spend much more on ad placements.


Multi-screen ad provider with a great productivity booster for advertising.

Integrates with DoubleClick Ad Exchange that gives you access to its broad network of advertisers.

Allows sharing ads in all formats.

Identify new opportunities within the app to serve ads.

You can automate optimization for improved ad placement.

It comes with malware and anti-fraud tools.

You just need an existing Google account. After registration, you need to create your ad units and placements to connect with your mobile app and set targets.

Since mobile ad spends hits approx $70 billion yearly, now mobile apps are prime advertising platforms for advertisers. The above mentioned ad providers are the best app monetization platform according to me, if have information any other platforms then please let me know by commenting below.



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What is the Overall YouTube Advertisement Cost

See the video advertisement cost depends on many parameters like budget, the average cost per view, cost per lead, cost per impression, and the audience you want to target. 

Let’s have a look:

YouTube Budget– The budget depends on how much you want to spend on daily basis and calculate the monthly expense accordingly. Initially, you can set $1 per day on YouTube and check the outcome from the advertisement.

Average Cost Per View – The average cost per view varies from $0.05 to $0.30. The overall view cost depends on your bids, budget, goals, and your targeted audience.

Average Cost Per Impression – In YouTube video ad the CPM or cost per impression is a unit that signifies the amount you will spend for 1000 impressions on a particular ad.

There are different types of YouTube video ad formats like:

Skippable TrueView Ads

Non-skippable YouTube Ads

YouTube Bumper Ads 

Discovery Ads

Outstream Ads 

YouTube Campaign Costs

First, you need to select the type of campaign before creating a YouTube video ad. Then you have set your daily budget. The overall budget will vary from person to person depending on their respective goal and targeting the audience. I found that the average CPM(Cost per impression) of YouTube Advertising varies from $9 to $10 for 1000 impressions.

On YouTube, the advertiser mainly focuses on driving leads and increase brand awareness. Educational Excellence is one of the old and prominent names in the digital marketing field. We can successfully handle your YouTube advertisement and guarantee you to generate at least 2-3 leads per day if you spend $10 in a day.

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7 Products Category for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

E-commerce marketplace sellers offer a good commission to the affiliater for selling products. The product selection is the main factor behind product selling. Here we will discuss how to select the products for affiliate marketing.

Below some affiliate products that have a higher chance to get sell.

Phone Accessories: Globally Smartphone market is booming in the last couple of years. Naturally, the phone accessories market is in the top now. Accessories like phone cases, wireless earbuds, Bluetooth based products have a good demand in the market.

Drones: This is one of the best selling products in 2020. Now drones are using for commercial purposes as well. Photography is one of the field where drones are being used.

Home Automation: In the last 4-5 years the use of home automation devices has been raised. Some of the hot-selling products are smart speakers, smart TVs, etc. These types of products have a huge customer base worldwide. The seller can get higher commissions by selling these products. For that, you need to create a target market by promoting specific devices.

Wearable Devices: Technology is growing at a first pace. Today’s are smart enough. They know how to properly utilize the technology. That is why the popularity of products like smartwatch, fitness tracker, wearable camera, wearable medical devices are in a growing phase. Marketers can earn better commissions by selling such products.

Security & Surveillance Systems: The demand for security & surveillance products is high in the market. For marketers, it’s the best time to sell such kinds of products online.

Fashion Items: There is a huge demand for fashion products like athleisure wear, casual wear from where you can earn good commission. You know that fashion trends aren’t static. You need to research about the trending products which are going on the market and promote them accordingly.

Gardening Equipment: Gardening is a hobby among many people across the globe. Naturally, demand is high in the market. Season wise the sales of such products ups and downs. You can sell these products through Affiliate Marketing in pre-season and earn a handsome amount commission.

To become successful in your affiliate marketing career just take admission at our affiliate marketing course conducted by Educational Excellence.

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How to Optimize Your Facebook Call Now Campaign to Drive More Calls

Among all social media channels, Facebook is the most popular one that is the main reason why most advertisers prefer it. Here we have mentioned some steps about how to drive phone calls from Facebook. Please have a look:

  1. Target Mobile Devices: Since 2016 advertising in mobile devices has been raised approx 84%, the advertiser is targeting mobile devices to drive conversion. You need a mobile-optimized add with a clear”Call Now” button so that the user can easily interact with the ad.
  2. Call to Action: For Facebook Advertisers A call now Button plays a significant role to generate leads. Your website must be mobile-friendly so that when a smartphone user clicks on the ad he/she will drive to a mobile-friendly landing page.
  3. Target Your Audience: Using the Facebook ad targeting option you can select those users who can interact with your ad by making a phone call. Facebook targeting option includes:

Location: Location targeting based on your country, state, zip code, or even distance from the business along with your local phone number.

Behaviors: It is based on targeting specific smartphone users.

Lookalike Audiences: targeting people similar to your current userbase by building a lookalike audience.

4. Call Tracking: Integrate call tracking numbers for your Facebook Ads to ensure the tracking of how many phone call has been made from the campaign. Optimize your ads using the data provided from CallRail, such as caller location and the ‘Calls by Landing Page’ report.

I have written only my insight here but I need a response from my readers as well. It will better if they share something extra on this topic which I have not mentioned or missed out.

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7 Rules to Sell Your Products Online

Due to the pandemic of the Covid 19 virus most of us doing work from home.  It’s the best way to earn money online. We have researched the facts and put them all together into this blog.

Follow the rules below.


You can reach a mass audience easily to sell products online.  For that, you need an e-commerce site. Your primary objective should bring traffic. The better way to get traffic is the use of various channels like Social Media, Search & Display Network, Content Marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising, etc. You also need to gradually invest time and effort behinds your online store so that you can grow your customer base.


Now the question comes about which types of products you should sell. According to research, smaller niche category products have less competition and have better possibilities to connect with desirable buyers. So you need to spend enough time to select your products category and balance the competition according to the market scenario.

Here location plays a significant role in selling e-commerce products. Product cost is another factor in the case of international shipping.

#Rules 3:

Your e-commerce site should user-friendly to retain your visitors. It has been noticed that most of the visitors leave within 10-15 seconds from the website loading slow.  Don’t make the navigation complicated. Provide an easy buying platform for users. Try to keep fewer fields in the signup or purchase option when someone prefers to buy products.

#Rules 4:

Buyers are smart today. Before purchasing any products online they check the ratings and reviews of the vendor.

When consumers consider purchasing from a website, they look for assurance about the particular product. There should a proper refund policy.  If the product isn’t satisfactory to them they can easily claim for a refund.

#Rules 5:

For any e-commerce site, data security is an important parameter, especially from the users’ perspective. So your website needs a secure server connection.

#Rules 6:

To attract more people to your online store invest a considerable amount of time behind content marketing. Here writing a relevant blog each with 1000 words or more will be the best option.

#Rules 7:

Spending some amount on paid advertising as well for traffic. The two big advertising networks are Google and Facebook where you can pay for the PPC campaign that is the quickest option to sell your products online.

Last but not least you have to keep patience. Because “Rome was not built in a day“. It takes time and effort to generate sell online. Don’t give up. If you like this blog please give your feedback on below comments section.

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5 Tips to Get 1000 Visitors Per Day for Website

Unfortunately, not everyone either has patience and time or money to spend behind their website promotional activities. I follow almost every popular Indian bloggers to research and get a little bit of information about how to generate traffic for your blog. Here I am sharing some ideas below how to get 1,000 Visitors per Day.

  1. 1Fix Your Website Technicalities:
  2. Website Speed: Selection of content management system(CMS) for website plays a vital role. I recommend to use WordPress that is SEO friendly and supported by major search engine Google. Your website speed needs to optimize. Because slow website may increase the bounce rate and hamper your web traffic as well as engagement with audience.
  3. Meta Tags:You need to ensure every blog page should have proper Meta tags like title, description, keywords. Your keywords should properly include in the title, description section.
  4. Length Content:The blog length should be 1000 words or more. Means lengthy blog content has greater possibility to index and ranking in search engine.
  5. Long-Tail Keywords:Selection of right long-tail keywords for blog is essential to bring organic traffic.
  6. Research Topic & Write Accordingly:Generally before writing an article I research topic at Search Engine and try to accumulate the key points that has been discussed by almost every popular blogger in their content. One thing I can say with guarantee that use of “Why” “How” “Tips” “How to” “Numbers like 5 basic ways” such key terms engages more with the audience and it’s has a greater readership at online. Your content should engage with a clear call to action button so that audience can do activities like comment, sign up or contact with the author for future reference.
  7. Integrate Social Media Channel:For a new website, it isn’t possible to bring 1000 visitors from day one but a proper strategy can do it within a couple of months. And one of the easiest and popular way is to use social media platform properly. First create your social media account at FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and integrate that your website. You also need to join various niche groups. Your article/blog should share in these groups and social media channels on regularly basis. It will better to share at least 2-3 articles per week.
  8. 4Encourage Contribution:You have to permit another blog writer to submit an article or blog for your website. It does not only get you unique fresh content but also gives a chance to build a relationship with other bloggers which is required initially to acquire initial traffic.
  9. 5Make Backlinks:Quality Backlinks with high authoritative sites are important for organic traffic and ranking purpose. For that, you have to do SEO Offpage submission like Directory, Bookmarking, and Forum, article posting, blog commenting etc.

I have written whatever found online on “How to Get 1000 Visitors Per Day” and whatever I have learned from experiences. Maybe there are some still some valuable points that I have missed out. Please share your inputs or thoughts in the below comments section. But one thing I want to say all of my readers that within 2-3 months it will not possible to achieve 1000 visitors per day, you have to give at least 6 months’ time to get the desire results.

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Digital Advertising Agencies – The Ultimate Solution for Virtual Marketing Around The Vicinity of Durgapur

Entrepreneurs are utilizing social media marketing more than the other aspects in the field of digital marketing. New agencies have sprung up all around the world which provides digital advertising services. Similar kinds of a firm are present in the Indian context as well, and it is largely present in the important cities of different states.

Durgapur is one of the most important commercial hub in West Bengal. Being situated in an industrial belt, it is buzzing up with new entrepreneurs who are reaching out for the apex and trying to make it big in this business world. Thus, digital advertising agencies in Durgapur can provide a platform to the entrepreneurs who are in their start-up for a great launch towards success. Not only for the start-up entrepreneurs, but digital advertising agencies in Durgapur would also come out to be of great advantage for the big giants in this company rat race.

Benefits of collaborating with digital advertising agencies in Durgapur

Will give you a greater reach to the consumers over other forms of advertising agencies – In this world obsessed with social media and the virtual the digital advertising agencies would provide an edge over other forms of advertising agencies. The digital advertising agencies in Durgapur will provide you with a larger audience, that is reaching out to the greater consumers around Durgapur.

Requires fewer amounts of expense and time in comparison to other forms of advertising – The digital advertising agencies in Durgapur is quite cheap and undoubtedly takes fewer amounts for the advertisements to be published. Hence, making this form of advertisement a first-hand choice for budding entrepreneurs h
elps the start-up entrepreneurs or first-hand entrepreneurs to a great extent – As discussed earlier, the digital advertising agencies in Durgapur help in kick-starting the business of a new entrepreneur. Thus, a start-up entrepreneur who is anxious about how to make it big in the corporate world.

Opportunities for expanding the business into other cities – Digital advertising agencies in Durgapur provide great opportunities in expanding the business in other major cities, like Kolkata.

Encouraging digital advertising agencies can produce a social impact by curbing unemployment – Durgapur is an industrial town providing various job opportunities. But with the population explosion, the unemployment rate seems to grow at an exponential rate. Therefore, with the development of these digital advertising agencies in Durgapur, the amount of unemployment could be curbed down.
Hence, in a nutshell, we can say that digital advertising agencies in Durgapur are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their business.

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Some possible approaches to become a Self-Made Digital Marketing Expert

Nowadays the impact of digital marketing affecting all over the world and that’s why the business organizations lay stress on this platform to promote different types of products and services. This is such a revolutionary medium to track the market, reach the target audience, crack good sales and get an instant review about the promotional products and services, not only that it also helps to develop the business and provide data for any kind of researches related to the business. As we all know digital marketing skills are going to be greater demand that’s why various business houses hire professionals with great knowledge of it. So, if you are taking interest in this kind of profession and want to start up by your own then you must have to know how to become a self-made digital marketing expert and if you want some ideas then we are here to help you in learning how you can do this easily, let’s get started.

Before you start your journey you must have proper knowledge about digital media marketing because without proper knowledge you can’t run a business with accuracy. To start a business you don’t need so much to invest, what you only need are a computer, internet connection, some small amount of money and lots of creativity.

You must have to passionate about your jobs and that’s why you should do many researchers by yourself about social media marketing because this is the first step of how to become a self-made digital marketing expert. If you want to learn more then there are many online courses are available such as,

i)Google Online Marketing Challenge

ii) Udemy

iii) Coursera and so on

you can also find some sites from where you can free courses and also can participate in various workshops.

If you want to learn the perfect guideline of how to become a self-made digital marketing expert then one of the most important things is that you must start reading because that helps you to grow more, and then put your every learning point in your actions whenever you need, you can write blogs and articles about digital media marketing, promote it on your social media handles to aware people about you and your business.

Next, you need to add some easy and attractive features on your social media handles so that people can use your services very easily and for that, you can use WordPress plug-in free of cost.

Last but not least as an initiative always treat your clients very well so that they can trust you as well as like your work and keep holding your hand for future collaboration.

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Top SEO Services of Durgapur

SEO generally depends upon the quality of the traffic based on the organic results. There are a lot of many SEO services in Durgapur that are available at nominal rates.

In Durgapur, few SEO experts have proper knowledge and certification in the overall SEO process on whom the client can rely. But 2-3 SEO experts in Durgapur provide quality results to their clients and they only provide white hat SEO to their clients, as these SEO techniques help to get better website ranking.

SEO is all about getting the website at top on the search engine results pages with the best searching keywords. The team of SEO Analysts in Durgapur generally uses an organized plan for investigating, preparing and accessing the Search engine listing position as per the latest search engine algorithm.

This way they set the benchmark against the existing top ranker and execute the plan to increase the visibility of a website and reach the top of the search engine results.

Digital marketing includes managing the media presence of the company across various social media platforms. For this, they continuously put the perfect blend of focus and attention to keep getting up with unique content and which reacts to the targeted audience.

Most of the SEO Executive generally focuses on the following steps:

  • Keywords Searched: Frequently searched keywords take very little time to reflect.
  • On-Page Optimization: This is focused on because the SEO companies generally update their algorithms through various interlinings.
  • Off-Page Optimization: This is needed to prepare backup for the drive to ensure the website has reached out to the audiences.

So the best SEO Companies of Durgapur generally serves to be a digital transformation company that increases the Brand’s awareness, sales and desire.

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Find the Top Bloggers in Durgapur

Blogs usually boost up reader assignation. In a blog, the readers get a space to deliver their comments and voice their opinions in front of the viewers. Durgapur is an emerging city today and considered to be the most planned city in West Bengal. Durgapur consists of more than 200 large scale and small scale industries, including various corporate and organizational training centers in it. These corporate sectors serve as evidence to recognize the potential and capabilities of these lively youths of Durgapur.

Today’s youths are more concentrated on developing and expanding their business products to the targeted audience through online marketing. The Top Bloggers of Durgapur are well versed in writing blogs on various niches.

 Durgapur has an economic culture, which is mostly Kolkata centric. So in spite of having the potential, the Top bloggers of Durgapur do not get that much exposure. But through Blogging, this Bloggers of Durgapur can spend their time online, which provides a boost to their skills. These skills which they acquire can be pursued online in their free time and can improvise on their skills. 

 Advantages of Blogging

A Blogger is an individual who publishes a blog on various topics related to art, day to day life, some technical issues, finance articles, etc. A blog allows a blogger to boost his/her talent and helps him/her to create a brand. So the actual intention of a blog is to associate one to the proper audience.

  • Blogging allows a blogger to connect people from different genres. This, in turn, helps a blogger to network with a wide variety of people present across the globe. 
  • Blogging also allows a blogger to enhance their knowledge on a particular topic, they have been working for.
  • Blogging also helps a blogger to improve his/her writing skills. The fear to get criticized would inspire a blogger more to post a blog. 

Top Bloggers of Durgapur

Blogging acts like an extensive platform that provides a solution to all the digital issues. 

The Top bloggers of Durgapur generally work as web press writers, web hosts, and also on various word press themes. The Top bloggers of Durgapur generally write simple blogs on the basic topics on various sites. Some even do have their blogs, some work for various companies. So as Blogging needs persistence, so all the readers with their patience and dedication should support the hard effort made by all the bloggers to write a blog!

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