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6 Reasons to Learn Python

Programming language like Python, one of the most popular and demanding programming language, which is used nowadays. It is a high level, translated, and simple designed programming language that supports both- object situated programming as well as structural programming.
Most of the web applications we enjoy today are because of Python’s different substructures and file supplements. Python as a programming language is very simple to learn and has a clear syntax. So, therefore, it is recommended for both the beginners, as well as for the experienced ones.

Here’s presenting a list of few Reasons for learning Python.

Python is Simple and is Very Easy to Learn:
Python has a clear syntax that makes it easy to learn. The learning formula followed over here is easier than any other programming language such as Java or C++.

Python supports Portable and Extensible properties:
The properties of portability and extensibility in Python helps one to cross-check the language operations consistently. The Extensible properties of Python enable it to integrate itself with Java, as well as the other .NET components. The C along with the C++ libraries can also be invoked over here.

Python is used for Scripting and Automation:
Python can also be used as a Scripting language where the code is written in the format of the scripts and then the result gets executed. So through automation, certain tasks can be automated in a program.

Python is used for Machine Learning as well as for Artificial Intelligence:
Python is very useful for Machine Learning because it is used to build algorithms by using data information, which in turn allows the computers to perform various functions.Python is also useful in Artificial Intelligence, which is the next development in the technological world. Artificial Intelligence further uses libraries like- Keras, which facilitates network experimentation in a neutral mode. It also deals with TensorFlow, which allows learning without being exceptionally programmed.

Python is used in building Computer Graphics:
Python is mainly used in many offline as well as in many online projects to build various Graphical User Interfaces. It even uses other Python GUIs, to provide easier ways to create several applications.

Python is Used in Data Science:
Python is quite useful for a data scientist. It supports frameworks like Django, Pyramid, etc. Even the most popular websites like Mozilla and Spotify are also powered by Python frameworks. Python even deals with tabular as well as statistical data, to visualize popular libraries.

Python is an open-source and that is why it is popular and supports a massive community of programmers.

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Women Empowerment Through Digital Marketing

Nowadays, women are raising their contingency to get absorb with comfortable people; so that they are capable of bringing out their thinking’s in front of all. Opportunities for various businesses have no way to come closer to women than ever before. These opportunities help women to unleash their skills and capabilities.

Digital Marketing is now an appropriate platform for many aspiring women who’re forced to become just a housewife, this provides several possibilities for women to discover and make an advantage from it. Henceforth, this appears to be the safest and secure way to enhance and understand their wishes for a better future.

Women in the Field of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has inspired women to converse and discuss matters related to their society freely. Nowadays, the brand-new digital marketing has efficiently managed to turn easy and simple thoughts into major leading brands. Feminism has taken a brand-new turn and has bought a new form and has helped for empowering women in the field of digital marketing. The keywords today are equality of gender and empowerment of women. Digital Marketing has taken the maximum position of the powerful tool for the release of women in the 21st century.

Successes of Women in Business.

The scope for growth and business is very strained. The come up of digital marketing strength has challenged all this. Nowadays, as it’s a digitized world, so the huge digital landscape is present anywhere and it has dashed with the accomplished stories of women whose audacity has helped to cross all the hurdles.

Digital Marketing and its Career Opportunities for Women

Digital Marketing provides a wide range of careers like:

A) Blogging: Blogging is the simple and easiest way to earn money working from home. Anyone can start their blog and monetized it for Adsense.

B) Digital Marketing Entrepreneur: Digital Marketing enterprise provides digital marketing jobs to small as well as large operating businesses.

C) Freelancing: Freelancing allows women to work at flexible hours, and thereby it is one of the most preferable options for housewives to work as a part-time Digital Marketer.

D) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular ways to earn money by selling products of E-Commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and many more. Many women now join as an affiliate marketer and earn a handsome amount per month from product selling.

 Planning and Raising the Status of Women in Society.

Apart from career and organization, digital marketing is efficient in other walks of life. A woman can raise her voice against various issues on this onset of digital media. This implicates paradigm change in life, thereby helping them to socialize with others in society.

The advent of digital marketing has helped women to enrich their skills, potentialities, thoughts, and creativity in all the areas of life. Therefore, we can say that digital marketing has turned out to be an effective tool for empowering women.


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Scope of Earning in Digital Marketing Field

In today’s digital age, we all getting digitally enhanced day by day, where people today are running to earn their living. This makeshift from the past decade to today’s digital world is called ‘Digitization’.

The Digital Marketing industry is shriveling with opportunities as every individual and company is seeking to leave a digital impact on the web world because the internet has become an effective platform for branding, advertising, and marketing of various products or services.

So for becoming a creative, challenging and fast-paced Modern-day Digital Marketer, one should possess proper skills in online marketing. Digital Marketing has simultaneously reached its peak.

The Marketing techniques for learning and earning good for a digital marketer is devised in such a way that whenever a student graduates from an institute, then they can back upon the field of Digital Marketing. There is an enormous scope to earn as per one’s skills.

The main objective of a Digital Marketer is to maintain a web presence on the search engine sites by establishing the product’s goodwill and thereby promoting an increase in the sales of that product. The Digital Marketer always has to remain updated with the proper issues and with the recent news on the worldwide web.

Scope of Digital Marketing.

A Digital Marketer has a bright future given the availability of the jobs. As this arena of Digital Marketing is not very stagnant, so every change in this field will bring new opportunities for a digital marketer. 

In India, the average salary for an experienced Digital Marketer is INR 4 to 8 Lakhs yearly where A fresher’s earning is between 2 to 3 Lakhs yearly. So a career in the field of Digital Marketing may seem so glamorous but it’s very challenging.

Henceforth, for the vibrant youthful population, digital marketing is very important for building their careers. Most importantly, the best thing about Digital Marketing is it can be continued from one’s convenient location.


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Average Earning of an Indian Blogger Per Month

A Blog is similar to an online journal, or like an online diary. Typically it is a collection of contents that are present in an organized manner. A Blogger is a person who creates the content like be it-blog articles, web articles, posters for any blog, etc.

The Blogging industry in India is one of the most growing’s, industries in the world. Many Indian Bloggers are earning a handsome amount of money from blogging. To earn money online Blogging is a good platform.  Many of my blog readers asking me to share some tips on how to earn money from blogging.

How are the Indian Bloggers, so successful?

Blogging is a combination of good luck, hard work, and consistency. So the bloggers used to work very enthusiastically and diligently, and they always look ways to look forward to the blog, they are working for.

When these bloggers at the end of the day complete up with their blog that can be catered for everybody present around the globe, then their conversion rate of generating sales through various means becomes considerably higher than most of the other bloggers.

Do you know the top Indian blogger earnings in India?  Here in this, I will give some insight about some top Indian Bloggers and their earning details.

Amit Agarwal
Estimate Earning: Approx $60,000/Month

Harsh Agrawal
Estimate Earning: Approx $55,000/Month

Faisal Farooqui
Estimate Earning: Approx $55,000/Month

Shradha Sharma
Estimate Earning: Approx $35,000/Month

Malini Agarwal
Estimate Earning: Approx $30,000/Month

Disclaimer: The above mentioned data may change according to time. We have collected the data from online platform.

The Basic Revenue Model of an Indian Blogger:

Google Adsense: Advertising is important. It won’t be difficult to build a loyal audience through AdSense, BuySellAds, BlogAds, these are the good ad networks. Advertisements depend on the interest of the audience. Google pays only those bloggers if their visitors click on the advertisements posted on their blog.

Affiliate Marketing: This is a platform that turns a blogger into a product seller. This helps a blogger to create links for a product that is available on Amazon, and every product that gets sold will make a handsome amount of commission.

Selling products through Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. But before that, you need to create a blog.

The general process that needs to keep your mind while monetizing any blog:

  • Find a niche that has low competition, moderate search volume keywords, and easily sellable products.
  • Set up a blog site using an SEO-friendly CMS like WordPress.
  • Create unique content including long-Tail keywords. Don’t forget to include LSI keywords in content.
  • Link Build is another good approach to generate traffic for a website. We recommend not purchasing any paid links or PPC service to gain traffic. You need organic traffic for a website.

Product Selling: A blogger can sell the products that he wishes to promote on a website.

You can sell Digital Products like smart watches, mobile accessories, gaming accessories, Bluetooth headphones, wifi routers, etc. Digital products are very easy to sell through blogging. And you don’t need to think about manufacturing or shipping products.

These are a few basic mechanisms for the generation of revenue, which are available to a blogger. So a blogger, who usually spends Eight to ten hours every day, can at least earn minimum INR 1-1.5 lakhs per month, but on the condition that the blogger should have a detailed conception of the SEO.

The bloggers who are successful today always had the right guidance through reputed organizations. To become a full-time blogger you need to take admission to a reputed Digital Marketing Institute that will help to enhance your blogging skills. Please share your thoughts or inputs if i am missing something by commenting below.


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Essential Skills Required to Become a Successful PPC Expert

PPC mainly responsible to run paid advertisements in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. PPC is the easiest and quickest method to reach the audience or potential customers.

Being a PPC expert your main job is to keep the ad at the top position in search engine result pages by expending minimum budget. The client prefers to find their website on the 1st page. You need to focus more on relevant keywords and compelling ad formats that help ad to appear in the top position at the search engine.

 To become a PPC expert you first need to take training from a reputed Digital Marketing institute and have to stay up to date with the latest PPC rules.

Now let’s discuss essential skills that are required:

Time Management:

You have to be organized to ensure the delivery of the PPC advertisement report timely. 


A PPC expert should amplify their inner creative quality to make a successful campaign. In the PPC certificate course, you will learn how to make an engaging ad copy.

Identify Audience:

You will learn how to identify the right audience of any business and set up a goal according to it. 

Analytical Thought: 

To become a successful PPC expert you have to raise your analytical mindset to deal with various kinds of statistical data to improve the PPC campaign.


Beginner or Expert everybody should have good communication skills for interaction with clients.

Keyword Research: To make a successful PPC campaign you need to focus on the right keywords. Little keywords research of your competitors is a good practice before setting up your campaign.

Ad Placement: You have to acquire skills on how to effectively place the ad in the right place. 

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5 Email Automation Tools for Email Marketing Campaign

Here we have mentioned some popular the email marketing automation tools that any business may use for their email marketing campaign. Let’s have a look below:

1. EasySendy

EasySendy is one of the powerful and effortless email marketing software. You can launch various email campaigns to engage your subscribers/customers with autoresponders and automated drip email campaigns.

  • You can create and embed email list forms.
  • Build email list segmentation based on single or double opt-in.
  • It offers professional email templates to catch the eyeballs of targeted audiences.
  • Evaluate subscribers’ real-time reports for successful email campaigns.
  • Integrate this tool with different platforms like Amazon SES, Mailgun, and Sparkpost.

2. Aweber

It is also a very popular and affordable email marketing tool, especially among small business clients. It helps to keep in touch with the subscribers.

  • Get a free email template over 700 are available at Aweber.
  • You can easily send HTML newsletter
  • Using the email automation option you can create welcome mails.
  • Find complete analytics, email tracking, delivery report.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp one of the most popular and user-friendly free tools that helps to send thousands of emails easily from the website.

  • First, you need to have a Mailchimp account. It permits you to integrate any WordPress site with your MailChimp account. 
  • You can build catchy optimized forms or integrate any form with your existing website.
  • Maximum features are included with the free plugin. You may use the premium version to explore more features.
  • You can connect with your MailChimp account in seconds.
  • You can easily create mobile-friendly Sign-up forms.

4. ListBuilder

You can easily create, analyze, send bulk email using the ListBuilder email marketing tool. It is a free tool by which you can add popups to your website.

  • You are enabled to change background button text color, text font and design of the website.
  • Mobile-optimized pop-up tool.
  • It provides you unlimited predesigned, professional templates tailored to reach a particular audience.
  • This one-click integration tool and very easy to handle.

5. Campaign Monitor

This is one of the finest tools that enable you to customize the campaign where you can easily design your own message for the audience. You can find a detail analytics report on your email marketing campaign.

  • You can divide the email list based on the user’s interests. It helps to increase sales and build relationships with customers.
  • You can easily integrate this tool with different e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce.

6. Constant Contact:
Constant Contact is an Affordable easily handle Email marketing application that will help to import customer data from email service providers like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google spreadsheets.

Have many free email template that you can use for the campaign.
It offers you to monitor ad campaigns on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google.
Responsive mobile device apps facility is also available here.
These are some email marketing tools that you can use to grow your business.

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Get More Performance Data Insights of Google Ad Smart Bidding Campaign

Now advertisers will enjoy more transparency in Google Ad smart bidding performance. It enables advertisers to view the top bidding signal that reflects the success of their ad campaign.
There are some bidding signal that is not limited to any:
A. Type of devices
B. demographics
C. Time
D. Keywords
The smart bidding strategy report also includes a combination of these signals. Top bidding signals will be viewable for campaigns using Target CPA and maximize conversions on search. Support for Target ROAS and maximize conversion value will be available at a later date.

About Autor: Tapu Goswami is the founder of Educational Excellence. He is a Google Certified Digital marketing trainer. Apart from that he also loves to write a technical blog on Digital Marketing.

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How to Apply Google AdSense for Website

AdSense is a simple process. First of all, you need to create a new AdSense account. Then the AdSense account team reviews your account to get it approved. Time to Time the AdSense team changes their approval policy so that the right ad can show to the right site.

New Approval Policies of Google AdSense Account:

  • Your Website’s domain age must be 6 months
  • First, make an AdSense friendly website
  • Create a Google AdSense account
  • Login to your AdSense account
  • Generate an AdSense code for the website
  • Add this code into your website
  • With 2 Weeks AdSense Team will review your account and revert in your mail with the feedback.
  • when you earn a minimum of $10 a PIN will generate and Google AdSense will mail it at your address. You need to log in to your AdSense account and put the pin after receiving it.
  • You need to verify your bank account and submit your tax information if any.
  • Google sends some amount at your Bank account. You have to input the amount after login at your AdSense account and have to complete the verification process.
  • When you will reach $100, Google will send your account at your linked bank account number.

To get approved of your AdSense account you need to make original and relevant content. Don’t copy content from any other website. Good quality content has a higher chance to get AdSense approval.

You should have at least 15 to 20 well-written articles of 1000 words on trending topics that may bring traffic to your website. You should have a proper “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” page into your website.



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Essential SEO Analysis Tools that Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Do you belong to the SEO-Digital Marketing industry? If yes then you should be habituated with these SEO Analyzer tools that may help to make your digital marketing campaign into a new height. You can find lots of SEO analysis tools online, but finding the best one is much needed for SEO guys. But you don’t need to worry. Here we will discuss about some essential SEO analysis tools.

Let’s have a look.

  1. Woorank: You can check an overall SEO score by using Woorank. It shows the area of improvement you require making an SEO-friendly website.
  2. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Checking Tool: Mobile-friendliness is one of the prime parameters to get top rank in search engines. Google has launched such a tool through which you can check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.
  3.  Google Keyword Planner: Many Digital Marketers primarily prefer Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Analysis as it is a free tool and very easy to use.
  4. SEMRush: Using SEMRush you can analysis SEO’s Onpage, Offpage, keywords position, Competitors backlinks and many more. The main disadvantage of this tool is to discover all its features you have to become a paid member. Many mid-scales to big organizations use SEMRush Paid version for a better analysis.
  5. Screaming Frog: This tool basically analysis technical aspects of the website. You just need to provide your website URL it automatically generate a report including website’s crawl, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT related errors.
  6. Copyscape: The best tools to find plagiarised content of the website. There are certain limitations in the free version. You need to upgrade to a premium version to avail of the full features.
  7. Dareboost: It is an essential SEO tool to analyze the website’s loading speed, security, etc.
  8. LSI Graph: It is a free tool to find LSI keywords list. You just need to enter the keyword phrase into the search box; a list of available keywords will appear in front of you. But one thing you have to keep in mind that in a day you can attempt a maximum of 3 times to use this tool.
  9. Google Analytics: One of the much-needed SEO tools that are being used to analyze the traffic of any website. It’s only a free data source to analyze traffic.
  10. Ahrefs :Ahref is one of the popular Paid SEO Analysis tools for competitor analysis. By using it anyone can easily cross-check backlinks, Keywords of your competitors.
  11. Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is one of the popular SEO analysis tools owned by Neil Patel uses for keyword analysis and checking backlinks of and top competitor website.
  12. MozBar: Mozbar is one of the oldest SEO tools to analyze overall SEO. But to get a full report you need to upgrade your account to a pro version.

Thatsall about essential SEO analysis tools. If anything missing please let me know so that I can add it to this blog segment.

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Importance of Online Marketing in Real Estate Industry

Digital Marketing is the easiest and affordable platform nowadays to reach a potential audience and convert them to a customer. Today both buyers and sellers use this online platform before sell and purchase any property.

 Ways to Promote any Real Estate Business:

Build Website: First of all you need a user-friendly website to promote business online. It makes a bridge between buyers and sellers. You can get an online inquiry from the website.

Use Social Media Platforms: After builds the website you need to integrate social media channels into it. Because it helps to enhance your online visibility, brings traffic to your website.

Need SEO Activities: In the real estate business promotion, you can’t ignore the importance of SEO. It brings constant organic traffic. SEO is a less expensive method compared to any other marketing technique. Many small real estate companies are now relying on SEO to bring qualified leads.

Role of Video Marketing:

Video marketing is a very useful and popular way to increase brand awareness. You can set up a video ad campaign to reach potential buyers when they search with specific keywords at YouTube and other video advertisement platforms.

The necessity of Paid Campaign: India’s popular property sites Magicbricks, 99acres uses the power of paid advertisement. Because it’s a quick method to engage with the audience. There are many options like Google Search Advertisement, Display Advertisement through which you can easily target potential buyers within a stipulated budget. Thatswhy most of big brands prefer paid advertisement over SEO. Not only that in a paid advertisement anyone can widen the reach to a certain demographic area. Many real estate brokers or agents now taking the advantages of paid advertisement.

Educational Excellence is an Online Marketing training institute in Durgapur that provides training to real estate agents on how to deal with sell property through digital marketing. You will learn how to generate lead from online.

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