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Do Research Before Start to Write Content

We, the reader are not aware of the hardest technical aspects of writing that face by the maximum content writer. Nowadays content is king for any promotion.

Content marketing plays a significant role in online businesses. Before move on we would like to share the crucial criteria that every content writer should follow.

Require focus on topic rather than keywords.
Content should be engaging for the audience.
Present your insights into the topic.
Be creative and try to make your content plagiarism free.

As a writer, if you follow the points mentioned above then definitely your content will be engaging and grab user attention. You might have a brilliant concept, and you would love to present that script into a more creative and organised manner. The best way, to begin with, is to do research first, ask your colleagues, friends, people around you or you can Google it. Use the keywords related to your topics and check what the public opinion on it is. Social media are the excellent platforms that may assist you to provide adequate information of your writing topic.

Performance analysis of your competitor is a part of content marketing. It is an advice to keep an eye over the rival’s performance before playing games on the ground. Keyword analysis is also required while creating content. This helps readers to find content in top positions at search engine result pages.

There are many features to evaluate your content which compliance SEO requirements. While writing articles make sure that it should be informative which comprises of keywords in Title, description. Try to mention LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) phrase in your content. When search engine crawler visits the website, it searches for keywords along with LSI phrases for indexing purpose. Write fresh, realistic topic that allure the viewer’s attention. Avoid keyword stuffing and over optimisation of keywords that may ruin your content.

Before publishing the content try to find all possible ways to expand its reach. Content marketing can be done in two ways:
1. Organic.
2. Paid.

There also other possible ways to advertise content on the different digital platform such as SEO, social media, email marketing, Influencer marketing, paid promotion like Google Adwords etc. Content advertising drives the audience’s attention, build credibility and create active brand awareness.

If you are searching to upgrade your content skills, then you can enrol in our digital marketing course program.

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How to Generate Lead through Social Media

Potential users who have expressed their interest in your product or service and also have given contact details to you for further communication is called a lead. Statistics show 90% users try to avoid cold calling rather they prefer to communicate over the social media.

The significant benefits of lead generation through social media are the ability to focus on highly qualified leads through advanced targeting.

Tactics for lead generation using social media:
1. Share links to curative content:
Engaging content will grab readers attention. Social media is an excellent tool for lead generation. Share content in social media with a proper landing page so that readers can fill up their information like email, contact no, name etc. That way you can collect potential leads of customers who are interested in your product or service.

2. Facebook lead ads:
Facebook lead ads are another platform to collect potential lead. The advantage of Facebook lead ads is that Facebook automatically populates the lead form with the customers contact information so that it can take few clicks for a potential user to connect. You can choose how much data you need.

3. Instagram lead ads:
Facebook lead ads can also display on Instagram. Instagram can pre-populate the lead form with email, full name, phone number, and gender. You can also add a field in the form if you would like. Instagram lead ads only appear on mobile. It takes times to fill out a form on mobile than on a desktop or laptop.

4. Host a webinar and live video:
The two basic approaches to generating leads are live video and webinars. The first option is to present the video that requires interested viewers to register in advance by providing their contact information. Another approach is to open the video up to a wide audience and generate leads from that audience. During the live video, you can direct the viewers to an offer, contest or landing pages of your website. Encourage viewers for a live interaction by offering a special discount for participation. You should keep in mind that the video must be content driven that may increase the probability of getting more leads.

5. Use geotargeted search:
Now more local businesses know about geotargeting for social media posts and ads to reach the audiences closest to their business and maximising their social media efforts, and ad spend. Geotargeted social search may help you to find a specific audience, invite them to your business or redirect to a discount lead generation form. Small and Large companies can benefit from geotargeted social search.

Some ways to geotarget your search:

Twitter advanced search: Go to the Twitter advanced search page, then enter your search terms, after that scroll down to places and select appropriate geolocation to target your search.

Hootsuite: From within the Hootsuite dashboard, click on the search icon in the upper right corner. Enter the search term and click the compass arrow icon in the right of the search field to find tweets nearby.

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Know the Facts Before Hire an SEO Service Provider

Build a website is not a big deal. The next phase is the promotion of the site. Do you know why the popularity of SEO is in a growing phase, if not then have a look at the stats below:

Approx 80% of users prefers organic search results
Voice search will grow up to 75% by 2022
More than 40% of all Google searches are local
By end of 2020 mobile searches will go up to 90%

Everybody now aware the fact without SEO you cannot sustain in the market. SEO depends on the various algorithms, it is good to learn more about SEO services before hiring an SEO company or freelance SEO professionals.

SEO is the best option to promote your website in a feasible way. The objective of search engine optimization is to build traffic and obtain a top position in SERPs. In Durgapur, there are many SEO services providing company but the question is are they capable enough to full the objectives of the client. It has been noticed that many companies do the false commitment to their client and as a result, after 2 or 3 months they become frustrated and not continue the work anymore. The main reasons behind that are:

1. Make False Commitment to the client
2. Lack of Proper SEO knowledgable Executives.
3. Improper project deal.
4. Lack of understanding the exact requirements.

Many companies in Durgapur is hiring SEO Executive for their SEO projects without conducting a proper interview. That is the main reason for failing client objectives. So it is important to know more about the SEO company with whom you are going to work.

Educational Excellence is an SEO service provider in Durgapur that enables businesses to ensure good ranking in search engines. Certified SEO experts of Educational Excellence will make your dreams to a successful one.

Here are the SEO phases we generally follow:

On-page Optimisation: On-page is a vital task for the ranking website in the top at SERP. We optimize your on-page by improving the ranking factors such as h1 tag, canonicalization, page load time, meta titles and description, alt tag, image optimization, sitemap creation, and robots file.

Off-page SEO: Off-page optimization is mainly called link building. We build quality backlinks through article, blog, press release, bookmarking, directory, blog comments, business listing, video, image, forum submission that helps to boost traffic of the site.

Competitor Analysis: Before starting your SEO you should know your online competitors. We use SEO tools like semrush, mozrank to do competitor analysis.

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Why Digital Marketing Training Campaigns are Essential for Flourishing in Web Related Programs

The field of digital marketing is growing immensely, and with the changing technologies it has become more diverse in a brief time and is highly in demand. In today’s world, a person with little or no knowledge of digital marketing might be lagging behind in career prospects as it plays a significant role in the economy. Again someone who holds the certificates of digital training can go higher regarding both designation and salary. The digital industry mainly focuses on the promotion of products and services to generate digital sales hence the first step for any marketing professional is to conduct a survey of the target market and understand it. The areas of online marketing mainly aim to reach out to the target audience through social media platforms, publishing e-books and brochures to cater to the client needs. This is done primarily by writing innovative contents that provide some valuable information which people look for. The digital training courses offer opportunities for most of the content writers and freelancers to write quality articles, blogs, press releases and journals and share the posts in the search results thereby generate more traffic to the sites. It provides the opportunities to kick-start one’s career by significantly contributing to online conversations and enhancing the brand awareness.

A digital marketer plays a significant role in developing and implementing new and innovative ideas by using the web analytics tools within the digital space as well as search advertising. With the help of digital training, one can improve the ROI by enhancing the business inline hence the marketers need to possess all the necessary skills and knowledge and act as agile workers where every person can contribute something outside the box. Besides with evolving new trends and channels in the competitive internet-oriented world, the advertising system has changed from traditional to a technical form such as the PPC programs and text ads. Hence the professional digital experts play a significant role in generating sales and revenue. Some of the favourite online marketing courses help to improve the trainees to become active participants in the internet advertising niche through the use of mobile applications, SEO and keyword research, link building, page optimisation that will lead to business profit. With the help of search engine optimisation businesses can enhance website visibility allowing the users to be aware of the products in the search results.

It is quite essential to be proactive and careful in executing digital strategy regarding drawing the attention of the new customers or building more profound relationships with the existing group of followers. It requires devoted time and approach right from website designing and development, with changes in colour, graphics and fonts to understand the demands of the targeted audiences. The best digital marketing training courses help to sharpen the digital skills and expertise of a person in social media marketing, email marketing and much more allowing them to determine what’s working well for the survival of the business online simultaneously to reach out to a broad customer base.

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How to Earn Money from Dropshipping Business

What is Dropshipping?
Drop shipping is a business model where you never actually own the inventory for selling. In other words, you are the middleman who sells the products in your website and when you receive the order you pass on to the Dropshipping site. Your profit is the difference between what you charge the customers on your website and what the Dropshipping company charges from you.

Here are the steps below:
Step 1. Build a Website
Creating a site makes it look as though you are ready to start making sales. It should be appealing to potential suppliers.
The minimum requirements for the website are:
A. 10-20 demo products uploaded.
B. Proper contact details.
C. The primary goal is to get approved by your suppliers so that they can trust the credibility of your website.

Step2. Product Selection
Choose a hot selling product category list that will make you money. The Product Selection phase consists of significant steps.

Researching Suppliers The best way to do this is to check About Us and Contact Us pages of the website. If they do not have a physical location then you are the right track. Because, if they are a drop shipping store then that means all of their suppliers are willing to drop ship.

Choose a Product It is essential to select products that price between Dollar 200 to Dollar 1000. This way you will be able to cover your required profits which will become more comfortable for you to make money.

Right Target Market It is essential that you target upper or middle-class families. Choose those products that appeal to them.

Step 3. If you have followed everything up to this point, now you need to generate traffic, leads and convert them into sales.

Step 4. The best way to drive traffic to your site is Pay Per Click(PPC). It becomes easier to analyse the traffic that is converting vs the traffic that is not converting. The other ways to drive traffic to your website are SEO, SMO etc.
Google Shopping is a very robust shopping platform where you can advertise your products for getting more conversions.

The essential steps that you need to follow
Continue to get approved by more suppliers so that you can offer more products.
Increase your traffic sources.
Optimize your store for conversions.
Start selling related products.

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