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Soon Google Ads will Stop Search Term Reporting

Recently Google has announced “To maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data, we have made changes to our Search Terms Report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for. We’re continuing to invest in new and efficient ways to share insights that enable advertisers to make critical business decisions”.

Till now the advertiser can find search queries with the number of impressions and clicks in search term reporting. After the rule comes into effect the advertiser are only able to access minimum query data to get user’s search queries information.

You can see Google already restricts query information in the Google Search Console dashboard. As a result, advertisers may have less control of their ads on specific search queries. It will force advertisers to shift from a positive to a negative keyword management approach for keyword optimization. That means advertisers won’t be able to decide which search queries will add as keywords and which one for negative keywords.

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Tips How to Make a Viral Video

 In this blog, we will discuss in detail on How to Make a Viral Video

#Tips 1:

The branding of a video is essential to get more views. The branding must be tricky that creates viewer attention. But keep in mind that the video content should raise Good memories of the brand.

#Tips 2:

Making curiosity among the viewers can boost the chance to share the video. Today we can’t ignore social media. It is the best platform that you can use to make the video viral. Curiosity is such a human nature that drives the viewers to share your content.

#Tips 3:

Make your video in such a way that viewers can easily connect themselves with it.

Viewers generally prefer to share videos that are based on themes such as rumor, sexuality, movies, and good deeds. Another good way to make the video viral is ration and acute need. Ration fulfillment is to meet the need for information whereas acute need means the customers are given limited time to make decisions.

#Tips 4:

People share those videos that meet their requirements. Viewers who require individuation can share the video.

#Tips 5: Last but not the least research on the topic before making a video is very much important. Try to find out the trending topic online and then make the video on it.

There may be many more ways to make a video viral that I have missed in this blog. I request all of you to share your points in our below comment section.

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The Offpage- SEO Techniques in 2020

Here below are some Top SEO Offpage SEO Techniques in 2020 below:

Social networking Submission is good off-page SEO techniques to bring traffic for your website. Some popular sites where you need to submit your website’s information such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Social Bookmarking is the easy off-page optimization technique. To post in high quality bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, to get instant traffic.

Guest Blog Post is a good practice of link building. Find some good quality guest blog sites where you can apply for a guest post according to your niche category. But before submission, you should properly follow the guest blog post site’s guidelines to acquire links.

Article Submission We all know that content is king in SEO. First, research the topic before writing content. There are lots of high-quality article directory sites that have high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). Write engaging content for article sites like Wikihow, Ezinearticles, Github, Sooperarticles, etc. from where you can get backlinks.

Forum Submission is the best way to get do-follow backlinks. For that, you need to participate in your relevant forums sites, reply answer to the threads, and give your suggestions and advice to the other forum member’s post.

Submission of Do-Follow Directory with Good PA and DA is a good practice to get quality backlinks. It takes time to get it approved but remains in existence until the Directory site is live.

Question/Answer submission in sites like quora is a way to get quality traffic for your website or blog. Try to give answers to our connected member’s questions will help you to engage with the audience and to make followers.  

Submission video in the world’s famous video sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. is enabled to you to get quick backlinks because most of the sites have a huge amount of traffic and also have good PA and DA. But before submitting it you need to make a proper meta title, description of the particular video.

Infographics Submission is the latest link building techniques that are mostly used by the SEO guys. Submit attractive infographics on various infographics submission sites for backlinks.

Web2.0 Submission is easy, you need to create a sub domain in high domain authority sites like blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Medium, and publish good quality content from where you may get traffic.

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5 Points You Should Follow Before Select an Digital Marketing Company

Expert’s opinions are always recommendable particularly when you give your projects to some Digital Marketing Agency who will handle your overall online marketing segment that includes Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Advertisements, and so on.

Here is no hard and fast rule in Digital marketing. You have to think out of the box to make a new path. It is possible only when you hiring an experienced Digital Marketing Company who has team expertise with a hand of experience.

For a start-up business, the role of a Digital Marketing Agency is too essential to evaluate and planning of various advertisements and promotional activities.

We discuss some parameters of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency.

Request to Send Proposal: Before hiring any Digital Marketing Agency, you should proper conversation over telephone or email to know better about their service details and ask them to send a proper quotation.

Ask Company Objectives: Before hiring any company, it is always desirable to ask about their company’s objective and how their digital marketing service provides you a better ROI.

Evaluate Payment Details: Most of the Digital Marketing Companies are preferred to provide service monthly with a recurring amount. It is your responsibility to negotiate with the payment details and choose those who can provide service at a feasible rate.

Ask for Portfolios: During a conversation with any Digital Marketing Agency, you should always ask about their portfolio and especially if they previously have done any projects similar to yours. If they are unable to present similar work like yours in that case, you should look for another one.

Check Their Blog: Blog is an important section for any Digital Marketing Company. So before selecting you need to follow whether their blog section up to date or not, is their blog ranked in search engines, do they present useful content in forms of webinars, white papers or eBooks?

Always do research about the above mentioned points when it comes to selecting a potential Digital Marketing Agency.

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6 Digital Marketing Jobs Roles and Salaries

The importance of Digital Marketing is growing rapidly. It encourages many businesses to adopt the latest digital marketing tactics.

Henceforth in upcoming days, many jobs will be created in Digital Marketing Fields. In India, there have good opportunities to build your careers in this booming field. Throughout the year big brands hire skilled and experienced Digital Marketing professionals with lucrative packages.

Students or working professionals specially belongs to the sales and marketing fields are now showing interest to do Digital marketing Certification Courses to improve their competencies for their career growth.

Now Let’s discuss various Digital Marketing Job Roles and Salaries.

Digital Marketing Specialist: For applying this post you should have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience. You require skills in SEO, SMO, SEM. The basic salary of this post approx 20-25k monthly.

Digital Marketing Manager: The average salary of the Digital Marketing Manager is approx 35-45k per month. For that, you should have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience. It depends on your expertise on how you organize your overall marketing campaign for the growth of the organization.

Social Media Marketing Expert: Social Media Marketing is one of the vital and most popular segments in Digital marketing. Companies hire Social Media Experts who have 2-3 years of experience. The average pay scale of Social Media Marketing expert approx 25 -30K.

Content Marketing Manager: Content plays a significant role in Digital Marketing.The Content marketer is responsible to analyze creative contents in forms of text, images, videos that will grab user attention and drive traffic for the business. The Content Marketing Manager has to keep themselves updated with the ongoing market trends. The average monthly income of the Content Marketing Manager is 50-55k.

Email Marketing Executive: The Email Marketing Executive works under Digital Marketing Manager. For applying this post anyone should have 1-2 years of working experience in Email Marketing. The main job role of the post is to manage, create email database, newsletter, generate leads from email marketing campaigns, tracking email marketing performance, etc. The salary varies from company to company. The average payout is approx 20-25K monthly.

PPC Experts: PPC Experts’ main job role is to manage the paid campaign in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google, and other major search engines. Big brands expense huge amounts of money behind the campaign. They prefer someone who has experienced a minimum of 3-4 years.

The main role of PPC Expert is to select keywords, adjust bids, monthly budget caps, impression share, goals tracking, revenue tracking, etc. The monthly salary of a PPC is approx 40-45K.

There is lots of scope in the Digital Marketing Field; you need to find the right way. There are many Digital Marketing Institutes available online and offline from where you can conduct the courses.

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Ban Chinese Products May Hit India’s Trade in a Big Way

A new wave of anger has triggered the Indian blood against Chinese counterparts after the horrific attack on the troops. The Indian government has decided to put a halt on bilateral trade.

According to the Confederation of All India Traders, the team has decided to boycott 500 Chinese products including consumer durable, furnishing fabrics, fast-moving consumer goods, kitchen items, builder hardware, and many more.

The martyrs of these soldiers compelled the nation to take this firm decision.

China is exporting over 15.3% of its goods to Indian markets, whereas 5.1% of Indian products get shipped to China. Nevertheless, the latest data reveals that India accounts for 2.1% of Chinese trade in 2018.

Mr. Praveen Khandelwal has stated to some big media organizations that we have to reduce the import of Chinese products by $13 billion by December 2021. He has even requested celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aamir Khan, Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh and many more to stop the endorsement of these Chinese products as they have to keep in mind the sentiments of Indian audiences.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed that Indians won’t let the sacrifice of these Indian troops go in vain.  Meanwhile, the Indian boycott won’t hurt the Chinese market as it is the biggest trade partner of many countries where we hold a small portion of China’s export and import business.

The Chinese companies have increased their trading business in India from 21 to 48 for the past ten years. Nearly 223 Chinese companies have invested in India from 2003 to 2020. Well, Xiaomi and Huawei comprise the highest number of projects in India. On the other hand, Vivo and ZTE have five ongoing Indian projects.

Every year, almost 8 lakh Indian people visit China, whereas only 2.5 lakh Chinese visit our country. Amid COVID 19, the Indian economy has adversely affected, and boycotting Chinese goods would make a terrible situation rather than resolving it.

Some Chinese household products are:

  1. Kitchen Utensils: We use many cooking utensils regularly, and some equipment made in China. This Chinese kitchen equipment is made up of wood, steel, plastic, steel in the form of Spatulas, food strainers, woks and stir-frying pans, pasta molds, and stamps to prepare delicious food items.

2.Organic Chemicals: China has the largest manufacturing chemical units producing chemicals like Propylene, Ethylene, Styrene, Pure terephthalic acid (PTA), and other organic materials. However, India imports the US $23 billion organic chemicals from China.

3. Fertilizers: In 2009, China exported 2.4mn t urea to India, and this year, our country has maintained a similar trend by purchasing 207,000t Chinese urea.

4. Electrical equipment: India was the largest importer of Chinese electrical appliances. Last year, India imported US$19.97 billion electronic goods from China.

S Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister has claimed that the border situation will handle in a more responsible way for a better future.

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How to Set up an Effective Google Call to Ad Campaign

Last few years the use of smartphones has risen tremendously. Thatswhy it is one of the most preferred platforms for the advertiser and Google is the best platform for mobile advertisement.

Before getting into details of call-only campaigns you need to follow the things below:

  • Is their issue immediate?
  • Are they likely searching from a mobile device?
  • Would it benefit them to speak to a real person?

If it is yes, then call-only ads will fruitful for your business.

Many business owners are now considering using call-only ad campaigns to get customer inquiries online.

Let see the steps to make a Google Call Only Ads:

  1. You need to fill up Headline 1 and then after headline 2 (Each within 30 Characters)
  2. Enter your Business name
  3. Then enter your phone number
  4. Write Description line 1 and Description line 2 (Each within 90 characters)
  5. Mentioned Display URL of your website address
  6. Verification URL( Any landing page of your website)

The purpose of the call only ads is to initiate a call for your business where your website landing page won’t display on your ad. Google has been moved the business name from the headline in February 2019 onwards to provide extra space to write a compelling headline for your ad. Call-only ads are suitable only for mobile that includes location, structured snippet, and call out an extension for greater visibility.

Call-only ads some advantages over call extension ads such as:

  • You can select two different phone numbers to call
  • Can save the phone number in your phone’s contact list
  • Schedule a call-back from the advertiser when the line is busy
  • You can bid for call-only campaigns for your business that can place a phone call from your ad.

How to Set up an Effective Google Call to Ad campaign for Your Business

  1. First of all, you need to make a compelling ad text copy within the allowed text length that may encourage users to call your business.
  2. For a local business, a local phone number required that may automatically send calls to the nearest shop/store of the caller’s location.
  3. Target specific keywords that bring customers for your business.
  4. Call generation isn’t the only intention; you need to focus on how to convert the call into a client. Otherwise, it will be a vested click that will unnecessarily waste your budget. So you have to schedule the ad in proper business hours.
  5. You should enable call reporting data on so that call data you can analyze effectively your unconverted customers.

Hope our readers will get an overview after reading our blog which based on How to Set up an Effective Google Call to an Ad campaign for Your Business


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Covid-19 Bounds Retailers to Switch Business in Online

The nationwide lock-down has bounded many small and mid-range companies to lay off employees or shut down the business. It has a diverse effect on the Indian economy. The offline retail sector is being affected badly. Many small and medium enterprises dealing with clothes, jewelry, utensils, etc have witnessed a huge loss. And the main reason behind it is interstate business is closed in this lock-down.

As a consequence, the overall offline retail sector’s supply chain and logistics sales may lose approx of $7 billion in this financial year. This corona virus pandemic has bounded many wholesale retailers to revamp their existing business model by engaging buyers into an online medium to meet the demand for essential items such as medicines, groceries, etc. 

Covid-19 Bounds Retailers to Switch Business in Online. The shift into online medium has been catalyzed due to the efforts of some e-commerce firms in India. The retail industry is expecting a drastic transition such as ordering goods online becomes the new normal over the previous model of buying from brick and mortar retail stores. If the offline retailers can cope up with today’s digital platform, soon they can be a big winner.

Now the offline retailers have the opportunities to open a virtual web store such as a website or mobile app from where they can take orders not only that they can even market their products in social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok to connect with potential online buyers. Social media platforms are even focusing on hyper-local deliveries that are also affordable.


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5 Factors to Lower Your Google Ads CPC

In this blog, we will discuss 5 Factors to Lower Your Google Ads CPC.

Manual Bidding:

 Automated bidding is a costly one. Mainly those who don’t have knowledge and time how to bid manually prefer automatic bidding and leave the whole process to Google. So to lower your CPC you have to learn how to bid manually and to control your bidding price. Manual bidding is the best option for a small business owner who has a limited budget in hand. Manually biding has more control to decrease or raise the bid amount for the right keywords.

Choose Relevant Keywords:

The selection of the right keywords is vital in the Google Ad campaign. There is a Google keyword planner by which you can choose the right keywords for your ads. Time to time you need to alter keywords that have higher CPC. The good way is to select long-tail relevant keywords that have a higher conversion rate and lower CPC bid value.

Add Negative Keywords

Adding negative keywords are a good approach to avoid unwanted clicks in your Ad campaign. It helps to narrow down your audience and also lower your CPC. One way to improve quality score you have to add negative keywords in your ad campaign. By including negative keywords you make sure that you don’t have to pay for irrelevant keywords.

Focus on Landing Pages:

A proper landing page in your Google Ad campaign is very much important to improve your ad quality score. If your landing page doesn’t have proper information or content it increases your CPC and bounce rate of the website. A good landing page with proper content helps to convert the users into customers. So the best option is to make an ad copy with different landing pages for A/B testing and check which one performing better.

Days, Times, and Location:

Out of many factors Days, Time, and Location altogether have a great significance to lower CPC. You need to analyze which days and what time in the week your ad brings most of the traffic. You have to check it from which location it comes.

Once you have identified all these factors you can easily achieve a lower CPC for your Ad campaign.

In my last 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field, I have learned a lot about how to optimize a Google Ad campaign. I hope my blog “5 Factors to Lower Your Google Ads CPC” will help you to understand how to optimize your CPC cost, especially for the newbies.

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How to Promote Brand through Digital Marketing during LockDdown 4.0

India enters into the lock-down 4.0 phase, most of the school, colleges are closed now. Even many Private companies are opening with a limited workforce. Most of us doing WFH (Work From Home) during this pandemic situation.  Educational Excellence is always there to help by providing a proper digital marketing knowledge through our blog. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


In the last few years, Digital Marketing gains a significant rise among youths. For business owners, Digital Marketing becomes an essential aspect to sell products or services. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, small and mid-range business owners are trying to reach the online platform for advertisement and want to connect with the new clients. It’s the best time for them to adopt Digital Marketing and in the best possible way.

Various Modules of Digital Marketing You can Adopt:



SEO is the best and cheapest way to engage with your audience. For that, you need a website and set of best possible keywords that bring organic traffic. Your objective is to bring your website in the 1st position so that users click on it and get the information they are looking for.  

SMO: Social Media Optimisation is also a cost-effective and simple way to engage with your audience. But the difference i that you need to join groups and share your products, services information in popular social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, TikTokTwitterPinterest so on.


Content Marketing:

Content is key nowadays to engage with the audience. The best example of Content Marketing is Blogging. Business owners need to upload relevant articles and blog content with specific keywords topic so that it grabs user attention towards their website. 


Paid campaign-

If you want to connect instantly with your audience then

PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is best for you. It is a little costly but starts

to work quickly. Advertisers use various popular platforms like Facebook,

Google to run ad campaigns for customer engagement.

In this lockdown, you can run a campaign to reach

potential customers.


See, there are many advantages of using digital marketing to promote your business online. The government also encourages us to use the digital platform as much as you can especially in this pandemic situation putting your brand in the online platform will be a great move for your business.

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