Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Sender using Free Tools

Many small, mid-size, big businesses doing bulk WhatsApp marketing by using paid tools… Very few know that there is also an alternate easy and free bulk WhatsApp marketing technique available which you can try for your business. Please go through our blog to learn more about it. 

Simple Thumb Rules:

  1. Don’t use your personal sim. Use a separate sim with a WhatsApp business account into it for sending a message to users.
  2. Don’t send promotional messages repeatedly to the same user frequently. Otherwise, they will block you.

How to Send Whatsapp Bulk Message using Free Tool:

  1. First, go to your google chrome browser and install add ons “WA Auto Sender” into your browser.
  2. After completing installation you need to open WA Auto Sender Dashboard where you will find a number section: Fill up the number using a comma in such format: +91-97XXXXXXXX, +91-99XXXXXXXX. You also can directly upload a . CSV file.
  3. Since it is free software, you can send messages to a maximum of 500 people in a day. At a time you can add 49 contacts to your list.
  4. In the dashboard you find a message section, write an attractive message content before sending it.

A question that arises in our mind is Whatsapp Marketing is legal in India? I would like to assure all of you that Whatsapp Marketing is purely legal in some limited way. At a time you can broadcast messages to 255 users.

Some Whatsapp Bulk Senders Tools you can use such as:
1. Enjay
2. Wasender
3. WhatsApp Auto Sender
4. Whatso
5. Waam-it
If you want to try using Whatsapp bulk sender free tools you can send only text within limited characters. But to send a video or image you need to purchase a premium version.

I also made a video, you can check here.

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