Now Google Ads Data-Driven Attribution Supports YouTube and Display Ads

Inclusion of YouTube and Display Ads of google ads attribution model lets advertisers better understand each channel contribution separately to buyers. The Google Ads data-driven attribution model allows advertisers to measure views from the source like YouTube.

Understand Buyer Journey: This new inclusion enables advertisers to explore the buyer’s journey of each channel. Data-Driven attribution of Google Ads helps to measure conversions at the same CPA compared to last-click in automated or manual bidding strategies.

To find a new attribution model in Google Ads go to Tools icon, then measurement option, and select attribution tab under measurement tab. To better understand of cost per conversion and return on ad spend of each channel you should change your attribution model.

Changing in attribution model may changing “Campaigns” tab as follows:

Credit shifts: Any changes to your attribution model may also cause conversion credit shifts across the various campaigns, ad groups, keywords associated with that conversion action.

Fractional credit:  A conversion credit is being distributed between contributing ad interactions according to your selected attribution model.

The Google Ad attribution models in YouTube and Display Ads will help the advertiser to determine which channels to invest in.

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