Do Research Before Start to Write Content

We, the reader are not aware of the hardest technical aspects of writing that face by the maximum content writer. Nowadays content is king for any promotion.

Require focus on topic rather than keywords.
Content should be engaging for the audience.
Present your insights into the topic.
Be creative and try to make your content plagiarism free.

As a writer, if you follow the points mentioned above then definitely your content will be engaging and grab user attention. You might have a brilliant concept, and you would love to present that script into a more creative and organised manner. The best way, to begin with, is to do research first, ask your colleagues, friends, people around you or you can Google it. Use the keywords related to your topics and check what the public opinion on it is. Social media are the excellent platforms that may assist you to provide adequate information of your writing topic.

Performance analysis of your competitor is a part of content marketing. It is an advice to keep an eye over the rival’s performance before playing games on the ground. Keyword analysis is also required while creating content. This helps readers to find content in top positions at search engine result pages.

There are many features to evaluate your content which compliance SEO requirements. While writing articles make sure that it should be informative which comprises of keywords in Title, description. Try to mention LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) phrase in your content. When search engine crawler visits the website, it searches for keywords along with LSI phrases for indexing purpose. Write fresh, realistic topic that allure the viewer’s attention. Avoid keyword stuffing and over optimisation of keywords that may ruin your content.

Before publishing the content try to find all possible ways to expand its reach. Content marketing can be done in two ways:
1. Organic.
2. Paid.

There also other possible ways to advertise content on the different digital platform such as SEO, social media, email marketing, Influencer marketing, paid promotion like Google Adwords etc. Content advertising drives the audience’s attention, build credibility and create active brand awareness.

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