How To Create a Google Friendly Content

The question that arises in our mind what is Google-friendly content. Over the past few years what we have seen there is a buzzword called ‘’E-A-T’’ that is floating around.  To get rank on Google you need to work on your brand to build its Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness which is also called E-A-T. Every webpage needs E-A-T.

What is YMYL?

It is a quality rating for content that stands for “Your Money Your Life’’. Google looks for relevant information to any website. Because certain types of searches have a chance to impact the users in a negative way. When something comes related to health, financial issues and safety, Google doesn’t want to share unsolicited information. Google always prefer those sites which have a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google changes its search algorithm for users so that they can get high-quality relevant content in SERPs.

E-A-T and YMYL are also known as ‘’the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines’’. The quality evaluators will be asked to review not only a website’s E-A-T but they will be asked to review the content creators author and also about the subject of the page and particularly if it is a YMYL subject. So what we need to build an author E-A-T as well as a website E-A-T. You need to give structured data that tells Google about the author and at the same time making it easier to connect with the authority.

Let us discuss on E-A-T.

Expertise- Expertise means very knowledgeable in a particular area. But this is not enough to get traffic. You need to know how to communicate with people and how to engage with your audience, what exactly your audience wants and how you can deliver the information to them.

When a user is asking ‘’How can my site Improve its rankings?’’. The most common answer is “Create great content that your audience loves’’. Well, the answer looks very simple but it very hard to create engaging content for your audience.

How to Create an Expert Content?

STEP1- Find out what your audience is searching for and you need to fill up their needs. That is called keyword research. The most important thing is to understand the user’s intent when you are doing keyword research.

STEP2- Make sure your text is easy, simple and understandable.

STEP3-What your users next query and prepare content according to that query.

Authority- Having authority is very important. To judge your authoritativeness please checks the following lists:

i) If your content is widely shared in an online platform is a sign of growing authority.

ii) Having a Wikipedia page improves the authority of your brand.

iii) Building a brand is also a sign of authority.

iv) Moz domain authority score is important that can help you to check the authoritativeness of your website as well as how many links you have build up.

Trustworthiness- You needs to prove your trustworthiness.

1) Should have a privacy policy on the website.

2) Need to have a clear way to contact the website owner.

3) Make sure your website domain is secure.

4) When you are sharing knowledge make sure it’s in general.

5) When you are accepting transactions you should have a refund policy.





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