How to Become a Flipkart Seller in 2021

Anyone can join Flipkart as a seller. But these steps are mandatory to join.

1. Anyone can sell their products on Flipkart either as an individual or as a company.

2. For Flipkart seller account, you need to indicate what kind of business you run. It requires identity and address proof. During the registration process please make it sure that all required business-related documents like Business name, PAN card, TIN number, GST number etc are submitted to Flipkart.

3. You need to submit your Bank details along with IFSC code. If you have an existing bank account then submits that information as well.

4. After login at Flipkart seller account, set it up to start selling products.

5. A dashboard will appear after login at seller account. You can use it for the promotion purpose. You also get analytics report on the dashboard.

6. When you will make your first sell the payment will be credited at your linked bank account with 14 days.

Flipkart, one of the largest marketplaces preferred by most Indians to buy something. So there is a huge scope to earn by selling products on Flipkart.
Essential things to know before going to be a Flipkart Seller:

Product price varies from marketplace to marketplace. First of all, you need to fix the price range before going to be a seller in Flipkart. And obviously, identify those products along with their most selling prices.

Making a Profit:
Set the prevailing selling prices of your products to make a moderate profit after deducting Flipkart charges. You have to conscious that the selling price does not exceed beyond the range of other marketplace’s selling prices.

Charges of Flipkart:
Register an account at Flipkart is free. After becoming a seller, you are eligible to sell products in whatever category you have selected. Flipkart charges a certain amount as a commission when you sell a product. GST charges are included in the product you sell.

Selection of Product Category:
Before register into the Flipkart seller account, you need to select the proper category and products that customers mostly prefer. Spends lots of time on the type of products which are selling most in Flipkart.

Types of Products You Can Sell:
Clothing Accessories
Electronics Gadgets
Beauty and Cosmetic Products
Home Appliances
Home Decorations
Kitchen Accessories
Gaming Accessories
Shoes and many more.

Hope you understand all the points we have discussed on how to become a Flipkart seller in 2021. If you found any crucial has been missed the don’t hesitate to points out those, we will definitely updates those in our blog.

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