How to Monetize YouTube Channel

YouTube’s changes its policy time to time and that creates a buzz among those who monetized their videos. We will discuss the entire monetization process here.

We need to understand the process of monetization. Follow the step below:

Step1: To monetize YouTube channel you requires at least 4000 hours watch time within 1 year along with minimum 1000 subscribers. According to this policy YouTube now prioritizing on watch time to keep users engage on the platform as long as possible. As per YouTube Rules, you need to fill YouTube’s policies and guidelines to monetize your content. Your channel might be rejected if the video is inappropriate.

Step2: Prepare your channel for monetization. It can take up to 30 days for YouTube to review your channel and you have to wait for another 30 days if your application is denied.

Most common reasons for that YouTube doesn’t approve monetization are duplication.  You need to keep one thing in my mind when you are using stock footage and audio, make sure that you should have all the right licenses in place. YouTube always looking for fresh and unique content for the YouTube Partner Program.

Step 3: Click on my channel in dropdown option then click on your icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click on YouTube Studio.

Step 4: In the YouTube studio, you will find the channel menu on the left-hand side of your screen, click on other features> Monetization and then click the start button.

Step 5: After completing the above steps you need to accept the YouTube Partner Program terms and condition. Sign up for AdSense or connect to an existing account to enable your channel for monetization. YouTube allows setting your monetization preferences. you can change your preferences later on. Not only that you can connect multiple channels at a time with one AdSense account.

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