Some Useful Tools A Digital Marketer Should Use

Let’s discuss some powerful digital marketing tools.

  1. SpyFu- SpyFu allows marketers to view key marketing information of their competitors. You can easily see paid and organic keywords that are using by your competitor. For that, you need to become paid members. There is another feature called backlink kombat which helps you to find out keywords that you have missed.
  2. Screaming Frog- It allows you to crawl the website’s URLs and fetch data to analyze technical and onsite SEO. Errors like broken links, server, and canonical, duplicate content are easily identified by Screaming Frog.
  3. Hotjar- It is a popular analytics tool that enables you to visualize user engagement with your website. You can track website visitors and see the data as heat maps. You will be able to see your visitor’s clicks, taps, and mouse movements and also can identify the pages from where most of the visitors bounce back.
  4. MeetEdgar- This tool is very important for digital marketers to automate content reshare in social media platforms. You can schedule and automate the content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  5. AdEspresso-This tool is especially used for Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising. You can optimize and manage an ad campaign by taking access to your client’s account.
  6. Pitchbox- This tool is used for SEO link building purpose. Pitchbox generally helps to find blogger, advanced search, product reviews, and analysis competitor’s backlinks and so on. It also helps to find niche influencers that automate your overall link building process.
  7. Buzzstream: This is free software to track a variety of metrics; schedule emails and finds link opportunities.

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