Google Ad Vs Facebook Ad

Best Advertisement Platform: Facebook or Google

Facebook, a social media networking platform with 2.3 billion users worldwide, offers the ability to advertise with pay-per-click ads. These ads are created using the Facebook Ad Manager platform and are displayed to the targeted audience, whereas Google is primarily known as a search engine that gives the ability to advertise with pay-per-click ads. Google Ads appear at the top of search results, they appear based on the keywords searched by the user.

In Facebook, viewers are Passive and aren’t actively looking for a specific product or brand; they are targeted based on their interests and the demographic information, whereas, in Google, users are more active and prefers to search for a particular product or brand which they would like to buy.

Facebook uses comprehensive methods to target its users, whereas, Google has limited ways to target its users. Ads appear in Facebook either under the news feed column or in the Stories, sometimes it also appears as In-stream Videos. But Google Ads appear in the pages of Google Partner sites.

Ads are displayed on Facebook in the form of Images, Videos, Slideshows, etc. In Google, the ads are displayed either in the form of text or image. Facebook has a more user-friendly interface, whereas Google has a cumbersome interface.

Ad creation within Facebook is relatively easy as compared to Google. However, in Google, Ads are built using Google Ad Manager., which is not very easy to use. Still, advertisers can quickly build a text-based ad by creating Campaigns, Ad Sets, and individual Ads with a headline and description.

When crafted carefully and targeted expertly, Facebook ads can capture the user’s interests that increase both brand awareness and even generates sales.

It takes more time to convert Facebook leads to customers as they are not actively seeking your product or service, whereas in case of Google, Businesses that boast uncomplicated services with clear use, benefit mostly from Google Ads; it is easier to capture keywords searched and this encourages users to click and buy using simple, actionable language.

It’s generally best to use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness of products or services that people will likely tend to buy. Google Ads, however, are the best for increasing sales of products or services that people generally looking for.


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