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The choice is Up to You Whether Choose Digital Marketing or Traditional One

The way marketing of products and services has evolved, every brand and business uses technology to reach out to the maximum number of people. Internet becoming an integral part of everyone’s life.

1. Leveling the Playing Field with Digital Marketing:
Big business may have an advantage in some areas in the offline world, like elaborate storefronts, big-budget marketing initiatives to attract customers, etc. But in the online world, it is not the size that
matters, it is the strategy. Anyway, a well thought through online experience for the customer can beat many elaborate storefronts. And none of it costs too much. In fact, the costs will be similar to what big
business will have to incur to build superior online customer experience. The economy of size is the only advantage here.

2. Measurable Results with Digital Marketing:
Marketers can measure results at each step through various Digital Marketing Tools. As a result, they can adjust their approach on the go, as against traditional marketing methods that become too dependent on finances for even the slightest of changes in approach. Each conversion can be tracked and lessons incorporated in the consecutive campaigns with digital marketing channels. You don’t have to wait for even a day to understand the performance of your campaign as the results are real-time.

3. Engaging the Audience in Real Conversations:
Lately, brands have understood the need for meaningful conversation with the consumers. While the costs of doing that in traditional methods will be prohibitive, even for big businesses, it is not so in the
digital ecosystem. With the consumers to make them feel connected with the brands they consume, it lays a lot of emphasis on real conversations. These conversations not only help the consumers’ form a
positive opinion about the brand but it also helps brand learn from their experience and deliver services that the consumers truly desire.

4. Non-intrusive Messaging:
Digital Marketing is highly relevant and targeted.
Everyone dislikes getting phone calls or promotional emails at inconvenient times. In Digital Marketing consumers have the option to refuse or accept promotional calls or email as they are already searching for products and services to buy,  The pressure of conversion on the marketing team is much lesser than compared with the traditional marketing team.

5. The global reach of every campaign:
Every campaign has a global reach, regardless of whether it is targeted to a specific area or target audience or not. This helps the brand to build a reputation beyond its geographical reach in a far more effective manner. Needless to say, the costs of doing the same will also be beyond prohibitive in traditional methods.

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How to Optimize Your Facebook Campaign with CBO

Are you running a campaign on Facebook? If “yes” then be prepared for the new “CBO” (campaign Budget Optimization) update of the Facebook ad campaign that has been launched on September 1, 2019. Now onwards your new and existing ad campaigns will be affected by this change.


There are a certain amount of advantages you will get from the CBO. Let’s have a look:


Less Involvement to Manage Campaign:

Not required too many hours behind bid adjustment to run a campaign. Campaign Budget Optimization will do that automatically. When CBO activates in your Facebook ad manager account, it automatically moves your ad budget to the corresponding ad set in a most effective campaign by specifying a goal for each campaign. You can better control your campaign goal like sign up a newsletter, download Ebook with CBO because all bid management will do automatically as per the algorithm.


Better Return on Ad Spend: Get Better Return on Ad Spend: From a recent survey reports it has been revealed that CBO working better and quiet smarter than human-managed campaigns. Not only that, after launching CBO the chances of getting penalized reduce during campaign assessment time by Facebook. That means you won’t get penalized when Facebook’s algorithm reassess your campaigns.


CBO is very efficient to measure your campaign. For that, you need to give time to acquire adequate data. For that, it requires at least 50% conversion per ad set weekly. So it has been proved that CBO is the best campaign optimization strategy. But to understand it’s work efficiency you need to conduct the test for a couple of weeks.


Creative assets like videos, elements for dynamic creative are required for each ad set to work CBO properly. Also, you should focus attention on your audience.


Since Facebook continuously changes its algorithm for advertising purpose, advertisers also have to upgrade themselves accordingly to optimize your campaign budget.

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PPC Trends in 2019

PPC is getting more complex day by day. But our knowing abilities are not growing at the same pace. This is creating a gap between the action of PPC and our reaction to its action. So, to know the exact information about PPC you have to have good industrial knowledge and have to stay updated by the means of information.

So, at first, let us talk about the most important trends of PPC 2019. In 2018 we have seen that 2018 was a real victory for PPC. It brought new changes and advancement at the same time, for example, Ad-words got re-branded as Google Ads. In this year PPC will be focusing on automation and audience which includes 7 biggest trends of the year including paid search, re-marketing, social, audience vs. keywords and many more.

Now let’s not waste any more time and rush towards the featuring trends of PPC 2019.

  1. Starting Paid Search Audiences:- paid search is always about keywords, but keyword doesn’t speak you lot about your exact target audience is. Among the match types, bid optimization and search volume research, it is possible to lose sight of the intention behind your keywords. But in 2019 the audience targeting into your keywords strategy would be a key way to get ahead of the competition whereas certain features of this approach, like re-marketing lists of search ads (RLSAs) have been around for a while, integrating audiences and keywords never became viable till late 2018, so it’s a precious chance for the advertisers in 2019.
  2. Take Advantage of Automation Opportunity:- In the past few years, PPC automation has evolved from a trial feature to a powerful way for the improvement of the performance of the campaigns. In particular, Google has been investing a lot into building out the automation options and the results are emerging remarkable. It can help you to improve the performance of the campaigns and save one from countless hours of frustrating work, enabling to focus on efforts on more important tasks like writing copy or building landing pages.

3.   Rethink Your Ads:- Ultimately, no matter what PPC platform one is using important ads will always be emerging as an important key to PPC marketing success. The previous new ads were so effective that the new conversion rate was always 5x higher than before. More importantly, the cost-per-conversion dropped from over $2,000 to less than $60. That is 97.3% lesser. Of course, there would be ups and downs in business but it’ll take a lot of time to revamp the ads which can impose a great impact on online marketing.

The other aspects are –

  1. Investment in video marketing.
  2. Revamping of the marketing strategies.
  3. Getting well known about the whole marketing funnel.
  4. Keeping an eye out for new features.

So above we are having our 7 latest trends of PPC to take advantage of this year. After the massive number of new features conducting in 2018, in 2019 there is a massive opportunity for advertisers to get a good advantage over the online marketing business.



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Digital Marketing – A Pathway To Careers in Durgapur

In some cases, even the ones holding multiple degrees and post-graduation fail to get placed and find the right job. This is because of the job scarcity that India is facing. Our outgrowing population and limited employment options leave behind many skilled men without a job and livelihood. Here is where digital marketing comes into the picture. Digital Marketing is becoming a career option for many in Durgapur. Here are some reasons behind it.

Any company, firm or business has to spread the news and information about its services to the target audience to make sales and earn a profit. A right marketing strategy is needed for it. This is the earlier days happened as Television advertisements, paper advertisements, pamphlet distribution, door-to-door marketing, and other traditional marketing strategies.

 With the advancement in technology, internet access, android phones, and social media connects, traditional marketing is replaced by digital marketing strategies – the mere future for the coming generations. With digital marketing, one can spread any information to a million at once in much less investment. The Forbes Magazine has also announced that digital marketing is the only business that is going to last long in the market at least up to 2026.

To those who have a feeling that digital marketing is rocket science, it is not. It is just a skill that needs to be mastered with practical experience. Doctors, engineers, commerce and arts graduates and even the undergraduates are taking up courses to learn digital marketing. Many are building careers on this base while most of them make a career change and get into this.

Every company uses a digital marketing platform. Many hire in-house recruiters, while some take services of digital marketing agencies. The rest choose digital marketers who can freelance. The pay would be based on the experience. A fresher can earn up to 1.5lakh per annum while an experienced digital marketer can earn up to 5Lakh per annum. A piece of knowledge on the following is needed for it:

  1. Website Creation – Creating a website and hosting it is the first thing to be done when any business chooses Digital Marketing. WordPress sites are easy to host.
  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is needed to get a good ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. this is done with the manipulation of the right keywords.
  3. Social Media Marketing – This includes marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the social platforms.
  4. Email Marketing – Sending mass mailers using tools like MailChimp, Benchmark, etc.

Digital Marketing is an ocean and mastering it is a skill. Learn it the right way and earn huge career opportunities at Durgapur and anywhere else in the world.

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Knowledge Enhancement before Approaching An SEO Company in Durgapur

Trade and commerce have immensely flourished in the entire world and India were one of the most renowned trade markets ever known. Sales and marketing have always been a part of any business strategy. A decade ago, sales and marketing were restricted to offline strategies. Door to door sales, advertising in print media, brandings, and hoardings were the chosen modes of marketing.

The entire concept of marketing changed when everyone could access the internet easily. All thanks to the digital era, marketing has found a new root. Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing are the two most thriving digital marketing strategies that are practised by all the small, medium and large scale businessmen to target a large number of crowd in a fraction of seconds.

Many digital marketing companies and SEO companies have sprung up and have come to the aid of businesses that want better outreach. Durgapur also houses many such marketing companies. Any SEO Company in Durgapur provides the basic SEO services but you need to stay a little educated about how SEO functions to make a better marketing expanse at a cost-effective price.

These are a list of things you need to know before you approach an SEO company in Durgapur.

  1. SEO does not only end with the search engine. It takes control of all the communication platforms over the internet.
  2. SEO happens On-page and Off-page. On-page SEO is all about generating traffic and leads on the website page. Off-page is about generating leads by sharing links and backlinks on social media.
  3. SEO does not happen by buying keywords and running campaigns. It happens organically with a proper SEO strategy plan.
  4. Keyword density of 3% of the content must be maintained. The words can go up to 6% of the content when a keyword is added with another word to make a keyword phrase.
  5. Blogs are the best source of getting in traffic. They are also up on the website pages to give better information about the company’s services.
  6. Keywords can be added in the captions of infographics, images, videos and other graphics on the website page.
  7. The Search Engine algorithms called the crawlers and spiders index and rank your website based on the keyword proximity and prominence. Make sure you get the right keywords placed in the Meta Tags first as the algorithms start their search right from the Meta Title.

These are the essential tips that you need to know about any SEO before taking up an SEO service from an SEO company in Durgapur or anywhere else. Google and other search engines keep updating the word count, keyword limit and other optimizing features. You need to keep yourself updated with all these rules and stay in line with the happenings of the services provided by the digital marketing companies. With all these tips, make sure you choose the right SEO Company to build your business empire.

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how to run a strategy session

Best Advertisement Platform: Facebook or Google

Facebook, a social media networking platform with 2.3 billion users worldwide, offers the ability to advertise with pay-per-click ads. These ads are created using the Facebook Ad Manager platform and are displayed to the targeted audience, whereas Google is primarily known as a search engine that gives the ability to advertise with pay-per-click ads. Google Ads appear at the top of search results, they appear based on the keywords searched by the user.

In Facebook, viewers are Passive and aren’t actively looking for a specific product or brand; they are targeted based on their interests and the demographic information, whereas, in Google, users are more active and prefers to search for a particular product or brand which they would like to buy.

Facebook uses comprehensive methods to target its users, whereas, Google has limited ways to target its users. Ads appear in Facebook either under the news feed column or in the Stories, sometimes it also appears as In-stream Videos. But Google Ads appear in the pages of Google Partner sites.

Ads are displayed on Facebook in the form of Images, Videos, Slideshows, etc. In Google, the ads are displayed either in the form of text or image. Facebook has a more user-friendly interface, whereas Google has a cumbersome interface.

Ad creation within Facebook is relatively easy as compared to Google. However, in Google, Ads are built using Google Ad Manager., which is not very easy to use. Still, advertisers can quickly build a text-based ad by creating Campaigns, Ad Sets, and individual Ads with a headline and description.

When crafted carefully and targeted expertly, Facebook ads can capture the user’s interests that increase both brand awareness and even generates sales.

It takes more time to convert Facebook leads to customers as they are not actively seeking your product or service, whereas in case of Google, Businesses that boast uncomplicated services with clear use, benefit mostly from Google Ads; it is easier to capture keywords searched and this encourages users to click and buy using simple, actionable language.

It’s generally best to use Facebook Ads to build brand awareness of products or services that people will likely tend to buy. Google Ads, however, are the best for increasing sales of products or services that people generally looking for.


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How to add Amazon Affiliate Link to WordPress Website?

Are you a passionate blogger or do you own a WordPress website? How do you generate traffic to your website? Affiliate marketing is an extravagant money-making strategy used by millions of website owners. Amazon, the most trusted online shopping portal is giving you a great chance to earn by adding the Amazon affiliate link to your WordPress website. If you want to earn this way, have a sneak peek at the essential notes and steps.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to build your website. You can either build an e-commerce site, a blogging site or a site in any niche and WordPress itself has a lot of themes and other options that are self-explanatory. All you have to do is buy a domain and host it on this easy-to-use platform.

 What is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is an external link added by the website owner on his site. Viewers on clicking this link will access a webpage of another website, and that website pays this owner a certain price. This is a form of affiliate marketing.

In our context, Amazon pays the website owner when the site owner adds an affiliate link that leads the users to a landing page in the Amazon site.

What are the credentials that one needs to have for adding an Amazon Affiliate Link?

  1. Affiliate links of Amazon can be added on a webpage only if the link and the content synchronize together.
  2. Having a blog page to add the Amazon link is an extra advantage.
  3. You will have to sign up on the Associates central of Amazon.

 How can one add an Amazon Affiliate link on their web page?

Adding an Amazon link is easy and you can add the link on your WordPress site following these simple steps.

  1. Login into the Associates Central of Amazon.
  2. You will get a search bar on the page you reach immediately after you login. You can search for relevant links over here.
  3. Type any item name that is relevant to the niche or topic of your website content or blog.
  4. You will get a list of the product links closely related to your search.
  5. The search results you get are nothing but the link builders. You can choose one of them and link it to a text phrase of your site’s content. You can also link it to an image on your site, but simultaneously not to both.
  6. A box appears on your screen. Copy-paste the text phrase in the space given and click on the button ‘Highlight HTML‘.
  7. Another tab opens up and you will have to click the HTML option to check if your link is created.
  8. This will take you to another task page and show you your created link if it is successfully created.

 Try creating an Amazon Affiliate Link and add it to your WordPress site. Extra earning does no harm.

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Some Useful Tools A Digital Marketer Should Use

Let’s discuss some powerful digital marketing tools.

  1. SpyFu- SpyFu allows marketers to view key marketing information of their competitors. You can easily see paid and organic keywords that are using by your competitor. For that, you need to become paid members. There is another feature called backlink kombat which helps you to find out keywords that you have missed.
  2. Screaming Frog- It allows you to crawl the website’s URLs and fetch data to analyze technical and onsite SEO. Errors like broken links, server, and canonical, duplicate content are easily identified by Screaming Frog.
  3. Hotjar- It is a popular analytics tool that enables you to visualize user engagement with your website. You can track website visitors and see the data as heat maps. You will be able to see your visitor’s clicks, taps, and mouse movements and also can identify the pages from where most of the visitors bounce back.
  4. MeetEdgar- This tool is very important for digital marketers to automate content reshare in social media platforms. You can schedule and automate the content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  5. AdEspresso-This tool is especially used for Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising. You can optimize and manage an ad campaign by taking access to your client’s account.
  6. Pitchbox- This tool is used for SEO link building purpose. Pitchbox generally helps to find blogger, advanced search, product reviews, and analysis competitor’s backlinks and so on. It also helps to find niche influencers that automate your overall link building process.
  7. Buzzstream: This is free software to track a variety of metrics; schedule emails and finds link opportunities.

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How to Monetize YouTube Channel

YouTube’s changes its policy time to time and that creates a buzz among those who monetized their videos. We will discuss the entire monetization process here.

We need to understand the process of monetization. Follow the step below:

Step1: To monetize YouTube channel you requires at least 4000 hours watch time within 1 year along with minimum 1000 subscribers. According to this policy YouTube now prioritizing on watch time to keep users engage on the platform as long as possible. As per YouTube Rules, you need to fill YouTube’s policies and guidelines to monetize your content. Your channel might be rejected if the video is inappropriate.

Step2: Prepare your channel for monetization. It can take up to 30 days for YouTube to review your channel and you have to wait for another 30 days if your application is denied.

Most common reasons for that YouTube doesn’t approve monetization are duplication.  You need to keep one thing in my mind when you are using stock footage and audio, make sure that you should have all the right licenses in place. YouTube always looking for fresh and unique content for the YouTube Partner Program.

Step 3: Click on my channel in dropdown option then click on your icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click on YouTube Studio.

Step 4: In the YouTube studio, you will find the channel menu on the left-hand side of your screen, click on other features> Monetization and then click the start button.

Step 5: After completing the above steps you need to accept the YouTube Partner Program terms and condition. Sign up for AdSense or connect to an existing account to enable your channel for monetization. YouTube allows setting your monetization preferences. you can change your preferences later on. Not only that you can connect multiple channels at a time with one AdSense account.

To know more about the YouTube Monetization processes in detail feel free to contact Educational Excellence.

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How To Create a Google Friendly Content

The question that arises in our mind what is Google-friendly content. Over the past few years what we have seen there is a buzzword called ‘’E-A-T’’ that is floating around.  To get rank on Google you need to work on your brand to build its Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness which is also called E-A-T. Every webpage needs E-A-T.

What is YMYL?

It is a quality rating for content that stands for “Your Money Your Life’’. Google looks for relevant information to any website. Because certain types of searches have a chance to impact the users in a negative way. When something comes related to health, financial issues and safety, Google doesn’t want to share unsolicited information. Google always prefer those sites which have a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Google changes its search algorithm for users so that they can get high-quality relevant content in SERPs.

E-A-T and YMYL are also known as ‘’the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines’’. The quality evaluators will be asked to review not only a website’s E-A-T but they will be asked to review the content creators author and also about the subject of the page and particularly if it is a YMYL subject. So what we need to build an author E-A-T as well as a website E-A-T. You need to give structured data that tells Google about the author and at the same time making it easier to connect with the authority.

Let us discuss on E-A-T.

Expertise- Expertise means very knowledgeable in a particular area. But this is not enough to get traffic. You need to know how to communicate with people and how to engage with your audience, what exactly your audience wants and how you can deliver the information to them.

When a user is asking ‘’How can my site Improve its rankings?’’. The most common answer is “Create great content that your audience loves’’. Well, the answer looks very simple but it very hard to create engaging content for your audience.

How to Create an Expert Content?

STEP1- Find out what your audience is searching for and you need to fill up their needs. That is called keyword research. The most important thing is to understand the user’s intent when you are doing keyword research.

STEP2- Make sure your text is easy, simple and understandable.

STEP3-What your users next query and prepare content according to that query.

Authority- Having authority is very important. To judge your authoritativeness please checks the following lists:

i) If your content is widely shared in an online platform is a sign of growing authority.

ii) Having a Wikipedia page improves the authority of your brand.

iii) Building a brand is also a sign of authority.

iv) Moz domain authority score is important that can help you to check the authoritativeness of your website as well as how many links you have build up.

Trustworthiness- You needs to prove your trustworthiness.

1) Should have a privacy policy on the website.

2) Need to have a clear way to contact the website owner.

3) Make sure your website domain is secure.

4) When you are sharing knowledge make sure it’s in general.

5) When you are accepting transactions you should have a refund policy.





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